Saturday, 28 March 2009

The unusual things you see when driving

Warning: This blog post may contain knitting, random ramblings and explicit language that may not be suitable for all readers. Viewer discretion is advised.

I was going to a meeting in a community in the next county, and saw a sign that I figured was a prank (you know how sometimes people walking by will scramble the letters on signs to make it say something funny? ). I drove by it again the next day and it read the same ... so I guess this is for real. A bit odd, but for real.

Located in front of a fire department, across the street from a church:

In case you can't read it, I zoomed in ...

I am tempted to go back on April 4th to see what "That Thing" is all about (it is an attention grabber!).

On a less weird note, I went on a tour of a newly opened indoor soccer facility in a community in a neighboring county the other day, and at the canteen saw this little guy-

kinda nifty, my sister made it! She makes a lot of rustic style wooden creatures, and sells them at craft sales; it was really a neat feeling to see her work in a public place like this. They must have bought him at Christmas, but it struck me as cool because usually her things go to people's homes. Anyway, I am going to send her a link to this blog post, and see if she thinks it is neat too.

Let's see ... knitting, right? This is a knitting blog, so what can I tell you about the knitting progress lately? I've been working away on my purses ... number 10 or 11 should be coming off the needles today. I promise, as soon as the marathon button and strap assembly is over, I will have a very picture heavy post (and a whack of Ravelry updates on them). Some of the colours are really cool(I think, but I made them, so I am a little biased!), and I'm working on a few new patterns and techniques that I haven't made before.

S'all for now!


Donna M said...

Be careful with those bags! Remember what happened last time you did a marathon bag knit!!!

The sign thing: Maybe it is a novel way of saying Men's Night! Or something sponsored by Viagra!

lexa said...

I'd be very interested to see what happens there on that date.

Can't wait to see the bags! I'm on a marathon of a sort with them, too. I go in cycles where I don't make them for months and months, then I made a bunch. I'm on number 4 with stuff to make at least 4 more. (Two have to go to the schools for raffles and auctions, though.)