Sunday, 6 April 2008

A few FOs

After the UFO sightings yesterday, I decided I needed to get some work done, and at least clear up some of the most recent UFOs ... I'll keep plugging away at the others, but for now I have finished Sheldon (see previous post - sorry, the sun is bright today, so he's a bit washed out outdoors), a few dishcloths (to be honest the teal and Burgundy one only needed the ends woven, but it is its first appearance on the blog, and was knit during my recent relapse into dishclothing)

and I finished the purse strap ... felting hopefully will take place tonight (once its dry, I'll post the after picture in this post).

I gotta go wash the kitchen floor and pick up a few groceries for supper (Thai chicken pizza -- yum!) -- a house specialty!

--** Edit: Here's the felted version ... finally!)


lexa said...

Looks like you've been quite productive!

Donna said...

Somebody's been a busy bee. Do you feel better now?

Anonymous said...

A bit better ... but am plugging away on the "I wann be ... " socks, to help me feel like less of a knitting abandoner