Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Knit Nite tonight

There's a new location for Knit Nite tonight ... does anyone need a drive or want to carpool? I will be leaving around 6:45 p.m. - If you want to travel with me, please post by 6:30 and I'll swing by for you.

I picked up a little treat for us at the Superstore ... something yummy, I hope! See you there - I'lll be there ith my cashmere to measure, my Tam for Marti to tink, and Sheldon for show and tell.

Edited to Add:

This is for Lexa who couldn't come tonight ... we had lobster at Knit Nite.
A great Knit Nite, ladies ... thanks Donna for hosting us at your lovely home (very comfy chairs!) ... we really enjoyed it! Thanks to Donna W. for the lemon squares and mint cookies, and thanks to Marti for the knitting help (aka -- fixing my f'ed up tam, and knitting a whack of it for me!). I really think we should adopt the "bring your project and pass it to the right"approach to knit night ... we'd all have new project excitement, get to try new patterns and yarns, and not have to work until we were finished the project -- sounds win-win to me! ;)

I have 300 feet of cashmere yarn , approx. 100 yards ... what to make? According to the pattern, 98 yds. are needed for Fetching (luv them!), shall I risk it? I wonder if I could make it work out?


Anonymous said...

To late I made some yummy treats. Lemon bars and chocolate mint cookies. I was reading your blog yesterday and decided to finish some older projects I had lying aroung. You set in the knitters guilt, very well I might add. Also I could use a lift if you don't mind. W wants to play basketbell tonight so he wants the car.
Donna W

lexa said...

I probably won't be out tonight. I have some sewing on the Oldest One's pants, two pairs, that HAS to be done. I'm not very good at it, and it takes me awhile. Plus the boys are nagging to go to the park. Marti, I'll try to remember to take Hank's stuff to work this weekend. I'm working Friday night and Saturday again.

Marti said...

I wouldn't mind carpooling, if you're offering. I could drive next week!

Marti said...

P.S. If you can pick me up, don't be scared by the big bark. I'll be keeping an eye out though.

lexa said...

Now THAT is too cool! So sad I missed it... (I did get both pairs of pants sewed, albeit slowly.)