Saturday, 22 August 2009

I love me some self striping!

Whenever I see a skein of Noro in a colour combo I like, or if I am at a LYS and want a ball of yarn to cheer me up, I buy Noro. The way it changes colours so subtly makes it a lot of fun to knit, plus I like the rusticness of the thick/thin quality of the yarn (the breaking and knots bug me a little, but not enough to override the joy I get from the pretty colours and gradual stripes).

When we went to the camp last weekend, I wanted something fun to knit, and didn't feel like another pair of socks, so I went stash diving and found a few skeins of Noro, and grabbed my 101 Yarn Shop Favorites One Skein Wonders book, and headed out the door.

When we arrived, a quick flick though the book found a bunch of suggestions for single skeins of Noro Kuyeon, and I settled in on the Ribbed Cap by Hannah Fettig.

This one was finished that evening and is colourway # 148

This one was cast on the next morning and finished Monday evening. I lost the ballband for this one (it might be 199).

I love me some self striping, funky coloured, bright and cheery yarn!


Donna M said...

The hats are so bright and pretty. They definitely look like you!

lexa said...

Very nice!

Marti said...

I love Noro too. Pretty sure I'll be making one of those scarves for myself this fall/winter.

Anonymous said...

ooh lovely! Noro is so pretty to look at but when I've held it, it seemed a bit scratchy. Does it bother your hands at all?

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Gorgeous colours! I love Noro.