Monday, 16 March 2009

Tap, Tap! Is this thing on?

Is there anyone left out there? Tap, tap, is this thing on? Hello?

I am back ... sorry I haven't blogged in a long time - there is really no good excuse, at least none that will give you a chuckle or make you think that I wasn't just being a lazy bum. I was being a lazy bum, I admit it. Winter and stress make me lazy and less than social -- sorry. But I am back now - we have had 3 sunny, mostly mild days in a row, so I am starting to shake the effects of Winter.

Knitting has been taking place, but, alas, no blogging about knitting. I've made a couple of baby hats out of the Bernat Cotton Tots, in the Koolaid colourway.

The pattern is "Basic Newborn Hat" by Jennifer Jackson and works up cute (but these hats are only good for newborns, as they knit up quite small - or so it seems at my tight gauge!). My cousin had a baby boy on March 13th, so I'm going to send one to her, and a friend had a baby a month or so ago, and one will be sent her way as well.

I'd like to whip up a few more, they were fun (I know a few people who are having babies - one any day now, one in July and one in August).
Fun fast, cute, and versatile (you can make a garter, ribbed, seed stitch or rolled brim - not many patterns give the knitter that many options. This pattern is a keeper!).

I knit a cowl out of bamboo (details are on Ravelry re: type of yarn).

I believe the pattern is the Seaweed cowl (got a bit confusing when I was knitting it ... tried several different patterns, and the yarn didn't work up nice, or want to be any of the earlier attempts, until I found Seaweed Cowl, then the yarn complied - or maybe my brain caught up to my hands).

I'm not much of one for knitting anything but a simple pattern while watching me some "Rock of Love season 2" -- it is too hard to keep up with all the antics and find out which stripper, I mean "lady in love/professional dancer", Brett ends up with). I am not getting into Rock of Love bus as much as I did season one and two of Rock of Love -- I have become jaded about Brett's intentions, and am beginning to suspect that maybe he isn't interested in a long lasting relationship with these mostly former porn stars, ex- Playmates, current and former exotic dancers and Industry 'hos (their words not mine!). I think he is just looking for cheap s3x with girls with really big, really fake b00bs. I could be wrong though... maybe he just wants someone to come home and cuddle with.

In an effort to get ahead of the cotton dishcloth madness that is Christmas knitting here, I started some, and had 4 done, but only have pictures of 2. Long story short - I gave 2 to my grandmother, actually remembering to photograph them before gifting, but hubby thought I had already downloaded the pictures, and deleted them permanently from the camera (grr, arggh). Anyhow, I've knit 4 dishcloths in 2009 so far. I like to keep track of how many I make.

Hmm, anything else? Um, I have been working on a couple of purses, but they are drying right now, and still need straps and buttons, so aren't ready to show yet. Soon, I swear.

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Carrie Ellis said...

Little D says he loves the hat, well as much as he loves any hat. Actually, perhaps a bit more since this one fits!

Thanks so much for the surprise gift - totally made my day!