Monday, 23 February 2009

I got mail!

You know ... I love swaps!

Way, way back in December, I signed up for a swap on Ravelry. It was a really neat idea ... simply collect a bunch of your favorite things and send them along to the person you are assigned. We had until Feb. 14th to stalk our people, making sure that our favorites were going to not make them allergic or anything, and we had all that time to collect the things we truly like.

Two weeks ago, I sent my parcel off to the person I was assigned, and last week, the parcel from the person who had me arrived (perfect timing -- I had been sick for a full week, and then this wonderful present arrived!). I am finally getting my life caught up after being sick, and am just now blogging the terrific parcel from griffgirls. I contacted her through PM to thank her, but hadn’t had a chance until now to take pictures of the terrific things I got … I had a terrific pal, and she spoiled me rotten!

She sent a beer bread mix from a company she is a consultant for, a Creative Knitting magazine (the current issue - we don’t get this magazine in my town, so I am really excited to read it!), 2 skeins of Noro (in a totally “ME” colourway - pink, green and light orange … I couldn’t have selected a better colour!), a pattern for a hat knit from Noro (I have never tried that pattern before … so am planning to make me a new hat!), DPN coils for holding sets together, beautiful heart shaped glass stitch markers for larger needles, Burts Bees Lip balm (I have never tried it!), a postcard from her community, a cinnamon tart (for melting and making the room smell nice (my whole package smells beautifully of cinnamon) – (yum!), an audio murder mystery book, A set of bamboo circs, and dark chocolate Lindt chocolates (I adore Lindt … and my hubby doesn’t so I rarely indulge in the blue wrapped Lindt – and now I have a bag all to myself! mwahaha!).

She also made me the cute little bunny (a-freaking-dorable!) – she saw him in my queue on Rav. and knit him up specially for me! Griffgirls is a pretty amazing gifter, and I really would like to thank her (again) for her generous present and for sharing her favorite things with me! Thanks!


lexa said...

Very nice! I get that magazine subscription. (It's the only one the kid's school campaign had for knitting.) There's a cardigan in that issue I want to make for myself. The nice thing with that one is it has more "run of the mill" kind of yarns in it for those who can't or don't want to spend an arm and a leg. Yet it also has some nicer end yarns, too. (I've seen SWS used, Decor, etc.) I also like how it says "worsted weight" or "dk weight", then it says what they used. Easier to find a substitution that way.

I think this issue has those hand puppets in it? They're adorable!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hi Heddy!
Just to give you a heads up that March Sweater Madness is gearing up again this year. Cut-off for suggestions is tomorrow evening. Hope you will join us.

Claire said...

Wow, what a great parcel! Lucky you! I love the green bunny - too cute! I use Burt's Bees lip balm all winter long and I love it. I also love that it's all natural ingredients and the company helps keep bee populations happy! Yay!