Saturday, 20 September 2008

Feeling Crafty

Today was the first craft sale of the "craft sale season" ... my Mom, my sister and I do up a few tables at 2 - 3 Fall sales each year (and have been doing that for at least 10 years. My sister does painted wooden collectibles (she's a self taught painter, and is really creative), Mom makes sweet breads (ie; loaves) and pickles, and I do whatever craft I'm into at the moment (the past few years, knitting has been my craft of choice). Last year, I sold about 40 felted purses over the sale season (and some of you may remember that I developed a wrist issue from the repetitive strain of it, so this year, I eased back on the production and used my judgement on what I could do without hurting me, and I made it through round one unscathed!).

I also make jams for the tables - peach, plum, and blueberry were all made over my vacation in early September (55 jars - which, with some last minute jamming closer to Christmas re: a few Christmas specialty chutneys and jalapeno jelly, should carry me through the Christmas shows).
** Edited to add: Or not - 30 jars sold this weekend, leaving me with only 23 for the next 2 sales. I gotta get jamming!

I can show some FOs (finally -- they have been done for quite some time , but needed to be felted, blocked and assembled before showing on the blog).

These are the mini fingerless mitts, the blue and brown combos (earlier in the season I did some in pink and brown) This pattern is great -- a lovely fit for children ages 3 to about 9 or so. (to see all of them, click the last table shot above).

These are some of my Purses, on the purse display unit that T. made for me:

(I call this one "My Preciousssss" - if you know me, you know why! - I will have a hard time letting it go!)

This one is called Strata, 'cause it reminds me of earth (it has since been sold).

This one has sold as well, and I call it Acadia Once, Acadia twice, because it reminds me so much of the rugby shirts that were so popular when i was attending Acadia university (all the way back in the '80s ~ gad! I am old - old like strata!).

This one is my ode to the Red Hatters of the world. It has a flap closure under the poppy which closes with a magnetic snap. There are more pictures of it over on my Ravelry project page.

I did a few stripey bags as well ... a pink and grey, a navy and red (no picture yet - missed it in the confusion of yesterday! although, you can see a bit of it in the pink/grey purse picture) and a navy/denim combo.
** Edited to add: the pink and grey one sold on Sunday ... to a teenager - I am too hip, and on with the young crowd!~ LOL!

There are also the petite pun'kins, aka "oh my Gourd, they are cute!".

The sale runs from noon until 4 p.m. on Sunday too. It's a good chance for me and my mom and sister to hang out in a crafty way!


Donna M said...

Wow! Your bags turned out beautifully! And the purse display made by Mr. T, is perfect.
Hope you sell lots of stuff!

The gourds are just too darn cute!

Marti said...

Oh my gourd...that's hilarious.

lexa said...

You're so creative when it comes to the bags. I keep thinking I should make more, but I'm in felted slipper mode right now.