Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Plugging away

Even though I haven't been posting, I have been getting some knitting done ... 2 new purses knit - just waiting for a few more so I can do up a load of felting.

(I have 5 to do for a friend who wants some fro her red hatter friends ... so I am knitting with red and purple almost exclusively now and for the next few weeks!)

Unfelted objects aren't much to look at, so I will hold off and post a whack of purses when I am done them.

I am going to a 3 day conference with T tomorrow for his work - stationary engineers boiler operators conference. Spouses get to go on all the tours, to the sessions, and also to the trade show (and are expected to go). It all sounds geek (I mean Greek) to me; I am packing a lot of knitting! LOL! That's 3 days, 2 nites of engineer speak ... I should be able to get a few purses done in that time!

Bruce and Duffy are going for a couple of nights to their granny's place, and Elvis and the kitties will hold down the home front while we are gone. I bet Bruce grows noticeably while we are gone -- he'll be 15 weeks on Friday and he's massive (his feet are bigger than Duffy's - I fear he'll be enormous!), but his baby booty is too cute!

Pretty soon he'll outgrow his toy box, which I'll be sad about (it's too cute when he gets in it and rumages around until he finds the toy he wants)

As there are no knitting pictures, here are some of the pups for your entertainment


Donna M said...

You don't need knitting pictures with those sweethearts! What darling dogs!
Have fun at the conference and we'll miss you at KN!

lexa said...

Holy cow, has he grown already!!

Your yarn is all ordered. I will let you know as soon as it gets here. I also got Paprika added to the order -- M said you noticed we were out. We both saw some the other day, so it must have sold in the meantime. Yarn has being doing awesome lately. Which reminds me, I have to figure out a new Yarn of the Month tomorrow...

Marti said...

Puppy bums are just too cute. Have fun at your engineer-fest...hope to see you at KN soon...I still have to gift you that sock yarn.

Marti said...

Like the new look by the way!!