Saturday, 17 May 2008

Fo - Levis Picot Anklets

Loving this pattern ... fast, easy and a great way to use those single 50g. skeins that make their way into the stash. These are a birthday gift for my sister (June 1st is her big day) but they won't compare to the gift she got last year (seriously, how do you beat that? I can't believe Baby O is nearly 1 - and he will be starting "School" next week. Both of my nephews go to a daycare at a university - so we call it "School").

I did the same Mods to these ones as I did to the L'il Little Richards, but did the Picot edge in a contrast colour (Kroy Denim Jacquard with Norfolk Blue picot). The Levis are about a ladies 7 or 8, and there was still several yards of the Denim left over. I knit them as fraternals to be sure to have enough yarn, but they could have been knit as identicals (it would have been VERY close -- mere feet of leftovers).

I'm pleased with them -- and will likely do a pair for me in the very near future (after all, this was supposed to be "the Year of Knitting for Me (and maybe T)".


lexa said...

Cute! I have two odd skeins of striping yarns. One is going to have the Norfolk blue picot trim, and maybe heels and toes. The other will have Kroy whitecap picot trim, and maybe heels and toes. I'm itching to start a pair, but I won't til I finish your sweater and other socks on the needles.

Knits-with-yarn said...

Could I possibly get the pattern from you? I've been trying to find a pattern for something like this for hours now.