Sunday, 3 June 2007

All Baby, All the Time (no knitting in this post, baby pictures galore!)

It's pretty exciting to have a new nephew, so no knitting has been done since he was born (plus on Friday, after work, I drove to Halifax to see them and didn't get home until just before midnight, and then had to be on the road at 5 a.m to Hibernia for a 7 a.m. Fishing Derby -got back home at 12: 30 pm and napped until after suppertime! So really, I haven't been home or awake long enough to knit!).

Back to the important stuff ... he is beautiful! (That's me holding him in the picture) Dark hair, fat little fella (already has the chubber-baby-rolls on his arms and legs, and is really filled out across is back and belly), with a perfect shaped little head and barely a mark on him -- he is lovely (and a good model for why people should have Cesarean sections -- he was camera ready immediately! ) LOL!

Auntie Heddy is the official baby photographer for our family! So I got in there right away with the camera and got some shots (with Jack, their firstborn, I had over 500 pictures of him by 6 months of age! and the picture they send out as their birth announcement was one of mine. They want to have a similar picture of the second born son ... so I took 60 pictures of the new baby and his momma and daddy!) Unfortunately, when I got to the hospital, my Mom had already taken Big Brother Jack home ... so I got no pictures of the brothers together, or whole family of four shots!

By the way, my nephew FINALLY has a name (they decided yesterday - following more than a day of namelessness!) ... Owen Warren -- Owen is a name both of them like (plus it sounds nice with his big brother's name --"Jack and Owen, its time for school!") and Warren was Jason's father's name (he died about 10 years ago). I like the name.

Now ... look at this face -- I am doomed! I will spoil this little cutie as much as I do his brother and the 2 nieces and nephew from T's brother's families! It's fun to be an Auntie!
In these pictures he is not even 12 hours old!
This is Jack at 2 1/2 days old ... he had a rough delivery and got pretty beat up ... but what a doll he was -- slept all the time, and was a snuggle bunny! Now he is a big brother! I think they look a bit alike, but also quite different. Jack looks a lot like Tracy, and I think that Owen will look more like Jason. Jack started out with dark hair, and wound up a redhead like his Mom, while Owen's hair is really dark, thick and spikey ... more like his Dad.
Anyhow, that's enough about babies! If I get a shot of the 2 brothers together, I'll post it.
Next time ... knitting updates!

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lexa said...

OMG He's gorgeous!!! Look at that hair! My first had dark hair like that, but the second didn't have very much, and it was really light.

My BIL and SIL moved to town yesterday. We went up last night to help them put their bed together and unpack some stuff. (In order to get the bed out of their small place in the city they had to disassemble their box spring. She wasn't happy cuz her dad just bought it for them a couple of months ago. Had to come apart to get it in, too.) Anyhoo, she's not due til November, but she's showing quite a bit already! I think she could be quite the size by the time all is said and done. I asked if she wants to know the sex, and she said she would. There's a place in the city that does ultrasounds, takes pictures, and makes a dvd for like $250, so I think she'll go there. I hope it's a girl, but everyone's telling her she's having a boy. (Mostly where's she's showing so much already at 15 weeks.) She's had an ultrasound already, so she knows there isn't two!

Get some rest so you can knit again. I told SIL last night that I am planning a baby blanket (along with lots of other things!). The blanket would be a good project if I end up going to Alberta in the big truck this summer. It would be garter stitch only (Bernat Lu Lu, a lot like Snowflake) so it won't bother my motion sickness.