Sunday, 3 June 2007

ISE4 Scarf Done!

I cast off my ISE4 Pal's scarf this morning and tried my hand at blocking it. I have to admit, I was a bit scared, never having blocked mohair before and having knit a scarf that was anything but a rectangle! It was pretty wonky looking when I finished knitting it -- but responded really well to the blocking. (not a completely straight edged rectangle, but not bad considering I don't have proper blocking materials!)

I washed it in Eucalan Lavender and stretched it out on a towel on the sofa (and had to double it back in a U shape as it is about 10 or 12 feet long!) Way too long to block on the bed (plus I didn't want any critters having a nap on the Mo! They have been sniffing it -- but so far have not tried to get on the back of the sofa for a snooze!)

The pattern I knit is "Lucky 13" and the scarf is made of Fleece Artist Country Mohair in Amethyst (slightly variegated plummy purple with a tealish-navy blue) -- I love the colour and hope the scarf suits my pal. She lives in Australia, and I wanted to give her a taste of Nova Scotia, hence the Fleece Artist, and didn't want to knit anything too warm, as her climate is quite different than mine.

I still have a few things to buy for her package before sending it off in the post ... and they will likely be Nova Scotian specialties! (I am thinking "chicken bones" candy as the sweet treat!), and I want to pick up a few treats for her little fella, too (it's no fun if Momma gets a parcel and you don't get anything!), so will go on a quest today!

Hoping to have the scarf dry tonight and wrapped and in the mail tomorrow -- one day shy of the deadline! I am sorry, ISE4 Pal, but I am a procrastinator, and although I won't send something late -- I cannot for some reason, be ready ahead of schedule!

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lexa said...

The scarf looks very pretty! The laciness should be good for Australia. I love chicken bones, it's always been one of my favorites. They're so expensive now, though! Well, the good ones are. I find the cheaper ones don't have much chocolate in the middle.

Looks like it's brightening up outside. I think the next few days are supposed to be showery and cooler. That sucks. Oh, well. Maybe Saturday will be sunny and warm for WWKIP Day!