Saturday, 19 July 2008

Saturday knitting (and a gratuitous cute puppy picture)

Today is my only day off this weekend, and T has gone scallop diving with his brother and their father, so I am anticipating an afternoon of knitting fun (and the sun is coming out, so I may move the knitting outside for a change -- I have to check to see who is on Biography this afternoon, first though!).

This morning, I cast on for a purse ... experimenting, not sure what the finished bag will look like, but thought it would be fun to get back into purse knitting (I am in SOS ... but find that I have lost the urge to knit socks -- all I can attribute it to maybe a reflex against peer pressure - I don't want to knit socks when everyone else is knitting socks? I dunno - I am a little weird sometimes). And, it is going to be grey (I think I'm expanding my colour range here -- I don't normally like grey, but I had the urge).

Just for my records, I wanted to have a picture of the finished pile of dishcloths knit from the Bernat "Creamsicle" jumbo ball of cotton. 11.5 from one ball (still haven't weaved in the ends - that'll be a good project for a rainy day). You are probably sick of seeing them - the ball is done now, so I'll be moving on to the next colour ... finished the first one last night.

Below is a picture of Bruce's litter -- he's third from the left. The runt (Larry) is the first one on the left (quite a size difference between the two of them!).


lexa said...

I got some knitting done today in between events. Funeral this morning, wedding this afternoon, dance later tonight... Another one of T's cousins got married today, too, but we were missed, I guess, in the invites, or it would have been worse! (It's bothering him that we weren't invited, but stuff like that is more of a relief to me! LOL!)

Donna M said...

Back at the purse rack are you? And with gray?! Are you all right?

Bruce is just too darn cute, even from the rear!