Monday, 24 November 2008

Knitting machine

I am a knitting machine -- I wish you could see all the FOs that I am cranking out ... but alas, my photo program is still not talking to anything that has to do with the evil innernets! It is not meant to be that you see my FOs!

I am FINALLY done the 6 Red hat Society bags -- all I need to do is felt them! Ahhh, just like a weight has been hoisted from my shoulders. That was a lot of knitting, and a lot of red and purple yarn. I made 3 of them from Patons Classic Wool Merino, and the other 3 are from a locally produced wool that is a lot like Briggs and Little, but felts a bit better.

I've tried to make the bags in different patterns from each other, while still keeping the same basic square bag style. I think it would suck to go out to a function as a group and to have all 6 of the ladies with the exact same bags! My grandma and I had similar purses one Winter, and I commented on that once when I left her house. When I was an hour away from her place, and with only a half hour left to go before I got home, I was rummaging through my handbag for my cell phone, and discovered a green pepper (which was a little odd to find in my purse), and then 3 bottles of prescription drugs -- I had grabbed Nanny's purse when I left her place, not my bag ... and I was more than an hours drive from her with her car and house keys, wallet and all her prescription medications. I learned a thing or two that day about the importance of having one's own unique personal style, (and to frisk my purse for wayward veggies before hopping in the car!) -- so now that I have made a short story long (it's part of my charm!), I determined early on in making these purses that none would be the same.

Once I get this silly issue with the computer and my pictures straightened out, I will post pictures ... I can post an old picture though - Just so this is not so dull and colourless ...

How is this? Louie, our older kitty, about 3 years ago, when she was a spry and vigorous (not to mention, chubby) young lady of 12 or 13 years. She loves to play with helium balloons and carries them around the house by their ribbon.

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lexa said...

Hope you get it figured out fast so we can see pictures!