Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Ahhh ... finally, secret knitting revealed!

Tonight was Marti's baby shower at Knit Night, very sweetly hosted by Donna at her home during our Knitterpudlian's weekly gathering. We had a pot luck supper -- it was yummy!

I got so excited about the main meal, I forgot to take pictures -- but I did take a picture of the appetizers - Artichoke dip, veggies and dip, and mini quiches -- and the dessert - pavlova (minus the strawberries - Sobeys didn't have any strawberries!). We had sweet and sour meatballs and rice, zucchinni with tomatoes and blue cheese (grilled, i believe) lovely rolls, and I hope I haven't forgotten anythingelse we had for the main meal! It was all really tastey, and we all had full bellies by the time we reached the gift opening part of the evening.

The nifty thing about knitters throwing a shower is that the expectant mommy is pretty much guaranteed that she'll get knitwear for her new bundle of joy. I'll let Marti go into detail, as it was her shower, and I was only one of the many knitters to contribute to her layette.

I can, however, post pictures of what I knit for her baby. ( you know, for my records! and also to show how cute her baby bump is!)

These were fast, fun and really rewarding to knit ... a trio of cotton bibs, all of which were knit on my train trip to Montreal. They are all made of Bernat Handicrafter, and the colour ways are Pink Stripes, Rose, and Swimming Pool ... you all seem like bright folks, so I'll let you figure out which is which!

Part of the fun of making these was going through my button jar to find just the right button for each bib. The buttons really changed the look of the bibs!

Also on the knit list is this little Jumper, knit in Bernat Junior Jacquards in Grape Juice colourway.

I knit it in size 3- 6 months, because I found these sweet little fake Robies and needed the dress to be a size that Pinta could wear with the shoes (the baby isn't even born yet, but she is ALL ABOUT pulling together an ensemble!) LOL!

Then I went on a quest to find a cute little top to wear with it ... and the pink mock neck seemed to suit it (but the nice thing with the Junior Jacquards is she can wear a lot of colours with it to change up the look - a grapey colour, dark pink, petal pink, white, lime or a certain shade of blue would all pick up colours in the pattern of the yarn).

And because I am a bit of a freak ... I couldn't give Marti's baby shoes with cupcakes on them without making little Pinta one of the famous cupcakes that we all made last year (it didn't seem right to not knit a special one for Pinta!) (LOL! this blog post was written WAY, WAY ahead, and was on timer to appear on the blog the mmorning after the shower -- and didn't get the cupcake done -- ran out of time! But hopefully, I will get the ambition to knit her one to match the little shoes, and well, because the cupcakes are so darn cute!)

She also got a few sheepy themed things from me that were not knit (a future knitter needs sheep in her life, right?) -- I found the cutest hot pink sleepers with a little sheep embroidered on the chest, some pink bibs with sheep on them, and a pretty pink baby doll style long sleeve top in a pale pink that really needed to be part of Marti's baby's wardrobe.

This set was given to her at a Surprise Shower thrown Sunday night, before the Knitterpudlian shower on Wednesday. The jacket is the Debbie Bliss Baby Shrug, knit from Bernat Naturals Cashmere, in Ocean colourway, knit in the 9 - 12 month size. It was a fun knit, and I would definately do it again.
Even more fun was the itty bitty baby skirt I made to match it ...

This is Caidens Skirt by Yukimo Sakurai, also made in the Bernat Cashmere in Ocean, size 1 year.

Together they make a pretty cute outfit -- I hope they fit the baby at the same time so she can wear them as as set (sometimes designers make patterns sized differently, and I don't know any 9 - 12 month old girls to try the set on to see if they are sized to be a set).

I know the expectant mom gets the thrill of opening lots of things for her new baby, but after a shower I always feel bad that the mom doesn't get anything for herself ... so I made Marti a pair of ankle socks
-- she admired mine one Knit Night, so I knit these one for her on the Montreal trip as well. They are Patons Kroy Jacquards in Country Jacquard, with Kroy in Gentry Grey as the cuff and toe accent. They used up almost exactly one ball of the Jacquard yarn, and match perfectly! I am not anal about the matching thing, but if I am giving a gift, it makes me happier if they match.


lexa said...

Everyone did such a great job on their secret items! That little Pinta is going to be one sharp dressed gal. Both showers were a lot of fun.

Sarah B. said...

I love everything you made, but the jumper is SO my favorite! To bad Baby Girl is getting too big for me to knit her one!

Marti said...

What can I say, I'm overwhelmed at the generosity of you folks. Everything is just precious and so wonderful. Can't say thanks enough for taking the time to knit for me and for miss Pinta. I'm sure we're all just itching to see her in her new outfits...squee :)

Donna M said...

Damn Blogger wiped out my comment because it took too long to post! Now I am cranky, but still want to say how cute the blue shrug and skirt that you knit for the Sunday shower!

Carrie Ellis said...

So many lovely things! But that little jumper is 'not fair' cute!