Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Things I didn't ... and things I did

Do I have a really great story to explain why I seemed to fall off the blogosphere for 2 whole weeks? ... I wish I did, but I don't.

I didn't get whisked away to some romantic tropical island for a wonderful vacation filled with sun, sand and surf. I didn't fall down, hit my head and develop amnesia, thinking I was a non-blogging crocheter. I was not eaten by bears in the wilds of Nova Scotia. Alien abduction was not a factor in my apparent disappearance. I haven't been sick, my computer has been working great, my camera is not broken.

Where have I been and what has prevented me from updating my blog like a responsible blogger? 3 words -- I am lazy!

That's all ... nothing exciting, dangerous or glamorous -- just really busy at work and getting ready for 2 craft shows (which I will talk about later), and too lazy and tired to write about any of it! LOL.

I thought no one would notice that I wasn't writing. I mean really, there are probably 2 people who read my blog (Hi Mom!). But tonight, at Knit Nite, Donna wanted to know what had happened to me, and seemed concerned that every time she checked, I hadn't put up anything new on the blog ... she was concerned that I was ill, or had something heavy fall on me (haha!).
So, now I am back -- Hi Donna!
I started blogging to help me be accountable to me for what I knit, to take some pride in what I accomplish, and to do it regularly -- so I am accountable to me for what I produce! And I haven't been doing it (and the funny thing is, I check my blog every day -- my own blog! Not sure why I check it -- its not like someone else is going to post something witty or clever there for me. And I get ticked at me that I haven't written anything new for me to read each day ~ I am a little - hmmm .... peculiar, I think). I am really back now ... these things really don't write themselves -- I know, I tried it out for 2 weeks and ... Nothin'!
What have I been up to for the past 2 weeks?
Well, first, some sad news (then I will move on to some knitting news) ... one of my favorite people in the world passed away 2 weeks ago. He lived in Winnipeg, visited Nova Scotia often, and was one of the finest people I knew; he could tell a dirty joke with the best of them, was a lover of wine, women and song, gave the best grizzly bear hugs and was the warmest, most compassionate, brave and caring men I have ever known. He was only 73 years old, and was taken from us very, very suddenly with an extremely fast growing, aggressive cancer. My Uncle Billy was dearly loved by everyone whose life he touched, and I miss him so much. He and his family have occupied many of my thoughts since his unexpected death. I still can't quite believe I will never see him again, or have a chance to sit and talk with him and enjoy his wicked sense of humour.

I have been knitting .. a lot. The first of the Christmas craft sales was on Sunday -- I had 14 purses knit for it, and made Jalepeno Jelly, Cranberry Orange Chutney and Old Fashioned Bartlett Pear Jam. My Mom, sister and I always do a pair of tables for this sale ... but I didn't do very well at it this year (and didn't really expect to. Most of those folks are looking for Christmas items -- items that have Santa Claus or Snowmen on them ... and my purses don't have that). I sold 2 purses and about 17 jars of jams.
The purses that are unsold will go to the craft sale at the Woodpile on Dec. 8th, along with a few more fancier ones that I am currently working on. Hopefully, They will be more popular there.
These are a few of the purses I finished since the last time I posted (there are more as well, but they are on my Mom's new camera and I haven't had time to go down and help her learn to download them.


We have had 2 Knit Nites since I last wrote ... last Wednesday, Lexa, Marti and I turned out for an evening of knitting ... Marti's Arwen sweater is really as lovely as the pictures she posted! Lexa was working away on the 12 dishcloths of Christmas. And I was totally unable to focus on finishing a purse (the same row got tinked back 4 ti mes before I put it down and just chatted!)
Tonight at Knit Nite, we had both of the 2 Donnas, Lexa, Marti and me. Donna (no blog ... yet!)was knitting on a lovely yellow merino/alpaca a-line sweater with lace insets at the upper arm and chest, and brought her ball winder and swift which Lexa put to good use creating gusts of wind on Donna who is getting ready for knee surgery soon (and has GREAT hemoglobin, and ;>) cranked out a pint quicker than anyone in the lab today!), Marti was speed knitting a pair of ballet slippers from Fibre Trends, and I was working on ... wait for it ... you'll never guess what ... yeah ... a purse (this one is a commissioned piece). Yarn was brought in by nearly everyone for tradesies.
After Knit Nite, Donna (of the swift) stopped by my house to visit Curly, Louie, the fishes and the dogs, and to loan me her I-cord machine -- I am SO SO getting one ... man, the miles of I-cord that I have to make for purses can be cranked out (literally!) in minutes rather than hours! Thanks Donna ! Knitting friends are awesome! (she even brought me some fudge to try -- mmmm Maple!)
I am sure that more than that has happened in 2 weeks, but I can't think of anything earthshattering, or even interesting, so let's stop here. Tune in in a few days for more adventures in knitting!
** Blogger is screwing with me by only occasionally allowing line breaks between paragraphs ... rest assured, I do know how to it "return", and I am sending bad vibes to the Blogger gods. I thinkit is Bloggers way of punishing me for my 2 weeks of unfaithfulness.

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Donna said...

I was so glad to see you alive and well last night and not in some dire straits. I imagined all sorts of issues!

Your bags look great and hope they do well at the Woodpile sale.

What is an I cord machine? One of those little kit things that you wind the yarn around?