Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Knit Nite tonight

Tonight at knit nite, I will be trying once again to knit the ecret-say ocks-say for my usband-hay ... and to see if I can make a pair that won't make him look like a drag queen.

If you can come, we'd love to have you join us! 7 p.m. at the community room of the Liverpool Market Superstore, every Wednesday until Dec. 19th ... fun, food and knitting friends! See ya tonight!

Edited to add: Tonight was great ... we had Lexa, Donna, K. and me, cinnamon buns, the Superstore equivalent of Tobelerone bars (definitely superior to Tobelerone!), a swift and ball winder! I now have cute little yarn cakes of some of my new yarns thanks to Donna's winding skills. I also managed to get a cuff done on one of the ocks-say. yay!

Also thanks to Donna, my critters are having a blast ... she knits kitty balls, and was sweet enough to send one home to Curly (and when I told her about Duffy's love of all things little, she kindly whipped up a little ball for Duffy too) ... who knew that such fun could be had with little bits of wool?

Elvis (in reddish brown) swoops in to attempt a steal , but Duffy defends the ball,

She fakes left, fakes right and moves into the home stretch,

It's a touchdown! (little devil never destroys toys, but it wasn't looking good for the kitty/doggie ball, so for tonight, it has moved out of play)

Curly immediately moved his ball into the safe zone (under the knitting chair where he stores other goodies ... the black thing is a broken bit of knitting chair that he has repeatedly stolen and hidden)

He was hustling the ball across the floor, and was pretty excited by it! (this pic. is a bit blurry from the speed of the play)

Donna asked to see a picture of Curly ... this is him (eye boogers and all) in mid seize.

That's all for now!
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lexa said...

I will be there with the coffee! And my knitting of some sort, of course. :)

lexa said...

It was fun! I managed to finish dishcloth 6 of 12 for Christmas gifts tonight there. When I got home I started Christmas gift works socks. Not very interesting to knit, but they'll go fast. (B&L Tuffy on 3.25mm needles)