Sunday, 27 January 2008

The Countdown is on ...

Groundhog Day is less than a week away (not that one)-- the day that determines whether we have 6 more weeks of Winter to look forward to (it has been frikking cold lately, so the word "enjoy" was chosen carefully and may be a bit sarcastic) or if we get an early Spring. I think we all know which way I am learning on this one.

Groundhog Day is also significant to me for reasons other than planning my Winter / Spring timing ... it is also a milestone birthday for me this year. A milestone so big that I am not looking forward to it ... it is the year I become officially an "old chickie". I am posting about it today because I am not sure how much I will be posting this week ... I am getting ready for a trip that T booked for us. We are going to be hugging palm trees and swimming in the tropical blue ocean on my big day (it may help make it a little easier to bear the thought of being an old broad).

I have always had a rough time with numbers ... I mourned 20 for the loss of teen-dom , 30 was hard because you are REALLY a grownup with real responsibilities (yeah, I blew that myth all to pieces!), and now the next big day will be here in less than a week ... crap! I guess I have to change my attitude about my aging ... I think other people handle aging very gracefully, and really, there is nothing I can do to stop the clock - I guess it is now time for me to be an adult about it, and stop living in dread of the wrinkles, crinkles, and grey that is certain to come, and just live like I want, with no thoughts of numbers or what they mean. I feel like I am still an 18 year old (but am so glad I am not -- living through all that angst, insecurity and awkwardness again would really be unpleasant).

== and, I couldn't knit when I was 18! Now, that is a really good reason to not wish those years away - I love knitting! I am supposed to be packing for the trip and getting the house organized for our critter sitters, but I am really wanting to finish off a few FO's before the trip (and maybe make a few new WIPs too!).

Ahhh , the dilemma - to knit, or to pack? to be organized and prepared, or to have fun, relax and worry about the details later? To be an ant or to be a grasshopper?

Grasshopper wins!

This is a bag I started back in October, and didn't finish in time for the craft shows .. soon to be felted. (** felted picture added March 16th)

This is T's hat ... started as a surprise Christmas gift (which went horribly wrong) ... now a surprise pre-Groundhog Day gift (heh!heh!)

When he gets home, I will get a better shot before I block it ... its hard to photograph oneself!
ETA: He loves it ... and has been wearing it in the house most of the evening (grins!)

I think that's all the playing I can do today ... I have serious packing to do, and making ready for the trip! I'll try to write again this week ... just in case the urge to knit overtakes my urge to be responsible and do what I have to do so I can go away!


lexa said...

I hope you guys have a great time on your trip. I'd be hugging the palm tree and crying while holding a huge glass of Khaula in my hand! That will be me in a little over four years. I want to go to see my friend in Australia for that big event!

Knitting Mama said...

I sure HOPE there is not 6 more weeks of winter. I need this weather to go away. So depressing to think that there may be more winter.

Dorothy said...

Happy Early Birthday.
It's really not that bad being 40, it's taken me 6 months to be able to say that without laughing my head off ... or crying my eyes out :)
Enjoy your trip!

Marti said...

Numbers are just number. I have a sister turning fifty this year and both of us can't get over it...she's nowhere near what one would think '50' is like, nor is 40being old. So go and celebrate in the sun! Very jealous of that whole getting away to the warmth thing by the way.

christine (threedogknits) said...

Groundhog Day is one of my closest friend's favorite holidays (she's from that area in Pennsylvania Punxsutawney Phil lives). Every year she tries to get people to wear brown in honor of Phil. Happy Birthday - early! Enjoy your sunny vacation!