Wednesday, 19 December 2007

In the air, there's a feline of Christmas ...

Curly loves the LEDs ... cute!

Time is getting near, Christmas knitting is needing to be done, shopping finished, and the house tidied before the big day (once all that is done, this weird nervous feeling in my stomach will subside!).

Christmas Knitting left to do ...

  • T's surprise hat ... 17 decrease rows (and possibly not enough yarn to do it in ... it will be a race against yardage ... hold your breath, cross your fingers and say a little prayer for me)

  • my oldest nephew's snowman hat ... so far, only cast on, no actual knitting has been done ( am am fairly optimistic that a lot will be done on this hat on the weekend ... and possibly into Christmas morning, as they don't get home until Christmas afternoon sometime -- nothing like cutting it to the wire)
  • T's socks -- I am resigned to the fact that these will make no more progress, as he will be happy with just a promise of socks before New Year's Day (as long as they are a manly colour, he'll be cool with it -- and he'd probably be happy with one of the drag queen colours too!)
  • a pair of fetching fingerless mitts for my sister - I am honestly optimistic that I will get these done -- they are fairly quick,right? (this one might be a next year gift!)
  • Socks for my Momma - I have the heel and foot left to knit. Hopefully, they will be done (#3 on my priority list , right after T's hat and then J's snowman hat) in time.

Gack! this isn't making me less stressed ... I think I'll knit a dishcloth!

Oooh ... before I go --

I got a cute present at Knit Nite tonight from Lexa -- a precious little knitted hedgehog He looks pretty cute hiding in my tree ... check out his close-up (and he fits right in -- all my decorations are white or silver -- the white sort of glows with the colour change LEDs).

Thanks Lexa!


Donna said...

Hope you had fun last night. Sorry to miss it but I be there again in January.
I would love to see a pic of the snowman hat when it is finished. I have heard of them but haven't seen one in the flesh so to speak!

lexa said...

Awww, he's cute sitting in the tree!

I finished those chunky kids mittens last night when I went home. I still have one more pair of kids mittens, but they aren't chunky. They should still knit up fairly fast. Hope to get those done tonight. Then I will start the cabled scarf and see how far I get.