Sunday, 16 December 2007

shack wacky

I've been wanting to go out , pick up a few groceries for supper ... but we are having a bit of a snow storm (its only small, but it doesn't take much to keep me inside when it is cold out!). ETA: apparently, it is a blizzard, I just read on Yahoo ... heheh! When you are just looking out the window, it doesn't seem like much. I hope T makes it home from work ok ... he is 45 minutes drive away {worries}

So to keep me busy, I decided to knit a surprise hat for T (hope he isn't reading this -- if so "Hi Babe, avert your eyes, or go to the Tractors Online website, for a while, K?").
It is knit from the yarn he picked out at Have a Yarn several weeks ago, so he knows he will eventually get a hat, but I thought I'd give it to him as a Christmas Surprise ... and cast on for it shortly before noon today .

I am making good progress (although these are shitty pictures - can you swear on a blog? sorry, I slipped!) ... one more cable repeat and then I can start the decreases. It's a pretty quick knit, found the pattern here, and the yarn is Lamb's Run Studio's Hand spun Yarns, 2 ply wool, prefelted (doesn't feel soft in my hand, but isn't scratchy on my head, though. I hope the prefelting helps in that way ... it is nice and warm!).
I am getting a little scared that I will run out, but figure that so far I only have 3 hours invested in it, so I could unravel it if there isn't enough (or ravel it back to make a hat that will fit me - if I start the decreases now, it would fit. That would be mean though, since he found the yarn and insisted we buy it). My man has a big ole melon, what can I say! and you know what they say about men with big heads -- Big, BIG ... hats! (get yer mind outta the gutter!).

Well, I have been postponing the housework all day long ... I guess it can't really wait any longer. I think we are getting the tree tomorrow, and before it goes up, the living room needs a good, thorough de-dust-bunnying, and a dusting, and mopping. bleh!


The Scarlet Tree said...

Wow, looks chilly!
Hope yuo have a great Xmas Heddy!
See you in Blogsville in the new year.

lexa said...

The hat is looking good! That was really pretty yarn, it looked soooo nice once D wound it for you. I saw that pattern the other day, it goes with the Irish Hiking Scarf. (Speaking of -- thought I'd BIL's IHS finished yesterday. I'm still working on it! Tree decorated last night, today running errands, Christmas shopping, housework, etc. Still have to make another cabled scarf for his girlfriend. Oy! And I work Wed, Thurs, Fri. I foresee late nights this week.)