Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sometimes I get distracted

I have been planning to finish the toes of T's black/blue/green socks, and my stripey pretty cotton socks, but I got distracted.

On Friday, Bruce had his operation, fixing what wasn't broken, and I had taken a vacation day to take him to the vet and wait until he was ready to come home (I worry so much that it is best if I am not at work during the surgery).

I had planned to finish the toes of T's socks while I waited (when T first tried on the first sock finished, he said the toe was too narrow, so I said I'd fix knit the second one wider, then reknit the first sock's toe to make it match. So I knit. He tried on the two toes at the same time, said he preferred the second one. So I ripped and reknit. Before grafting the toes, I decided to let him try the socks on again. This is when he tells me that he thinks the toes are too short .... men!!)

Anyhow, I had planned to finish the toes while waiting for Brucie, graft them shut and have a FO to show. I also had packed my stripey cotton socks to work on.

In the hustle and bustle and confusion of the morning, amid calls to the vet to see if they could still operate on Bruce - who was on a solid and liquid fast since 8 p.m. the night before, with all food and water sources in the house lifted - who had managed to get a hearty drink of water at 4 a.m. (don't ask - it involved a late night pee, a water bowl tucked out of sight on the deck that neither T or I had put there, and a little dog with a good memory). When we got the ok for surgery, I took Bruce and out the door we went, speeding so as not to be late for the appointment.

When we got to the highway, I realized that I had my purse, but not my knitting bag (with the projects inside). Once I had made sure Bruce was comfy at the vet, and found out a time he'd be out of surgery, yarn and needles were purchased nearby and a quick new pair of socks were cast on. The store I went to only had metal needles, and a very, very small selection of sock yarn ... my left index finger has a hole in it from the sharp metal tip (it isn't tough, having been spoiled by the blunted tips of the Bryspuns that I love so much!)and I ended up with a yarn I had already knit a pair of socks with, or so I thought.

These anklets are for my secretary D -- her birthday is in June. I have enough left from 2 skeins to knit socks and maybe mitts for her baby, due in August.

Pattern: my typical plain vanilla ankle sock recipe
Needles: 2.75 mm crappy, cheap, pointy, nasty metal needles
Size: about a ladies 6 or 7 -- D has little feet
Time in: started May 1st, finished May 2nd - instant gratification
Yarn: Patons Kroy Jacquards, in Country Jacquard colourway (yeah, this is the same colourway that I knit Marti's ankle socks from in February ... no, the 2 pair look nothing at all alike. I believe Paton's is tinkering with their dying processes -- Marti's were cuter socks, wider stripes, a nice crisp white and pretty chestnut brown) -- I loved the old version; why fix something that isn't broken? (Bruce has been asking the same question, but he isn't asking about yarn!)
Again: Yep ... I will make ankle socks over and over - they are so fast, and cute!


Sarah B. said...

Cute socks! Hope Bruce is doing all right!

Donna M said...

I assume Master Bruce, or should I say, Master Eunuch, or is it Eunuch Bruce, is doing ok!?

Nice socks!

lexa said...

Maggie won't be going to get "fixed" now til the end of May -- didn't get her in quickly enough, and now she's doing her thing, so to speak.

I didn't realize that when they discontinued some of the Kroys that they changed the other ones they kept. I wonder if the denim jaquards is different, I think that's the only other jacquards they kept. I think we still have all old stock.