Thursday, 30 April 2009

I knit

but I usually keep it covert, not blogging it until it is done. I find it hard to keep up to date on Ravelry and with the blog, so I avoid both {grins!}

Anyhow ... tah dah ... this is what I am currently working on (they are too short for T , so toes need to be ripped back, and reknit -- again!)

I also have a pair of vanillas in cotton for knitting in the dark, or in the car ... mindless and pretty (no comment).

Once everything is "done" I will give all the dirty, sorted details re: yarn, needles, etc.


Donna M said...

I thought your title "I Knit" was going to be followed by....therefore I am!

lexa said...

T's socks are nice. Wish my T wasn't so boring when it comes to socks. Love the colors in those cotton socks. Looking forward to all the details. :)

JessaLu said...

Love the blues in those socks!

Steph said...

Mindless and pretty - sounds like any number of H*llyw**d "celebs".

I'm making plain vanilla socks for my niece - her feet are size 9.5. She hasn't tried them on, so I'm not sure if she's outgrown them since I started making them.