Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Bags, bags, and more bags.

** I wrote this post and then forgot about it, thinking I would put the finishing touches on a few more purses and then be done with them -- that was at the end of March. It is now April 28, and I haven't taken any more pictures, nor done any more work to finish the purses. Would you mind if I insert pictures later, when I have them done, and let you know that I have put them in this post? If I don't post it now, I will drive me bonkers trying to get purses done just to take pictures of them (now that I have rediscovered this post) so I will feel "done". I will eventually be "done", but not yet ... soon though!

** this post contains many pictures, and much chit chat ... you are forewarned! grab a cuppa coffee and a muffin and have a looky loo.

I finished 11 purses in the month of March, plus the last 2 days of February. I tried hard to get the 12th one done before April 1st, but had a busy week and sore arm, so 11 will have to be the grand total.

5 in the Edie pattern from the Bags that Rock Book (most of them are a slight variation of Edie), and 6 in my traditional purse pattern (a morph of Sophie and Booga, tweaked with my own design elements added).

The 3 solid colour Edie-esque purses are knit with Icelandic Lopi in colours that I forgot to jot down (they were numbers not colour names). The turquoise one I love so much, such a rich colour, and so nice a hairy. I've named them (rock star names, since they are from the pattern written by a rocker chick) The light blue is "I Just met A Girl Named Blue Jean" (the true colour is closer to the lighter blue) , the red one is "Little Red Corvette" and the Turquoise is "Roadhouse Blues".

The 2 striped Edie-ish bags are made of SeanSheep Armytage - pure wool I found in the markdown bin at Walmart one day. It felts like a dream, and I really like the stripes - "Uptown Girl" has a strap that I bought years ago and have been saving for 'just the right yarn', and I also have been hording onto these horn buttons (I still have 2 more!) for the right project. I am please with how this turned out, even though it is quite a small bag - more of a clutch or evening bag, than a day-to-day bag.

Anyone who knows me, knows why I like this bag! "Walking on Sunshine" is really cheery in colour, and the knitted strap attached to a brass ring is one of my favorite looks for a purse. {picture something really loud - burgundy, orange and yellow}

{This one is purple blue tweed yarn, with turquoise accents ... quite fun!}
This bag is knit from Galway (lost the ball band before I picked it from my stash) and some scraps of Patons Classic Wool in Too Teal. The scarf is a thrift store find that matched perfectly - meant to be.

This one is knit from Patons Classic Wool in Rich Red with what I think to be mill ends of Patons Classic Wool (I bought a pound of it at Walmart one day, marked "100% unknown fibre", thought it was wool, then brought it home, did some experimenting - involving a Bic lighter, bleach and some acrylic yarn - and determined it really was a pound of wool for $3.49!

An awesome find, one that I will brag about until I am old and grey!). I like the self -strap that is attached to the bag, as opposed to the ones that need to have holes poked, or grommets punched -- just personal preference , I guess.

My sister loves brown, so whenever I knit a brown purse, I think of her. This stripe sequence is really fun to do, and I like the way the end result turns out. This is Patons Classic Wool in Chestnut Tweed and more of the one pound bag of "The Best Find Ever". The strap is braided i-cord attached to a brass ring - another look I am fond of.
Grey and plum have a real classic look, in my mind, and make me think of private school uniforms (grey flannel skirts, plum vests -- I think I watched too much of "The Facts of Life" when I was a kid :) So from that love of this particular colour combo, I present ...

"Classic Flannel"

and her kid sister, "Prep School"

Both knit from Classic Wool, in Plum Heather and Grey Mix and Dark Grey Mix.

Oh yeah, and Needful Yarns "Joy" was discontinued , so I picked up a few balls of this colourway a year ago, then found the perfect strap to match ... and when I finally cast on last month, "Cotton Candy" was born. {pictue pink, mauve and ivory stripes, similar to Noro, but in muted pastels}
So , that's all the knitting progress for the month of March, all caught up.
{I really will finish them and get my arse in gear posting pictures, I swear!}


lexa said...

GA! What a tease you are! A picture here, a picture there... get at it, girl! LOL! Love the ones pictured so far, can't wait to see the others. I have three or four (one actually for myself) that I have to get finished asap. I find it hard to knit with heavy wool when the weather gets hot. (Not that I expect too many days like today just yet, it's still a little early. I'll never get my garden done if it does stay like this!)

Donna M said...

With all the purses you have done, it was a piece of cake to imagine the pics of the missing ones! Can't wait to see the real things!