Thursday, 18 June 2009


Y'all know that when I like something, I tend to make a bunch of it ... this bag is number 2 of what will probably be many, many!
It is now on its way to Newfoundland, as a birthday gift for T's grandma (along with a few hand knit washcloths). It is a bit bright, but T says his grandmother will love it ... so now it is hers. For details ... check Ravelry (its all there). I don't have time to do a proper blog post about it - I have another one on the needles, and want to get a few rows knit tonight.

I hope she likes it and uses it as much as I use mine :)

P. S. T fixed some water damage in our kitchen ceiling, and now we have to repaint the kitchen (first time in about 12 years). currently it is Snow White (I hate it - long story, I will explain why it is a colour I hate sometime!). We are picking a colour tomorrow and will probably paint over the weekend -- any suggestions (my counter top is a forest green, the cupboards are oak with cherry crown moulding, and the floor is white/cream and green (and hopefully will be going this fall or winter - replaced with wood - fingers crossed!). What colours are trendy, pretty and will help the kitchen feel warm and cozy -- it gets full sunlight from about 6 am, until about 2:30pm, and has a big window. I am not great with colour, and it is a big room, with lots and lots of cutting in to do - so we don't want to do it again for another 7 - 12 years :) Link me to some pretty coloured rooms, please!

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Donna M said...

The bag looks great and I have no idea for a paint colour!