Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Signs of Spring

I was still feeling sluggish, even after all these obvious signs of Spring (and take note - not a flake of snow in any of the pictures! and no-one is wearing a coat or boots or mitts!). I was feeling a little slow, needing something to make my "s" car go ...

... then I discovered these guys (as always, click 'em to make 'em big).

and it perked me right up!

T and I spent all day Sunday (and he spent all of Saturday) on our woodlot, cutting our firewood for next Winter. What a gorgeous day to spend outside ... and what fun adventures the speedy trio got into!

By the time we left , a fourth had nearly joined the group, but we had to leave before he was sewn together. These little critters are highly addictive. I see a bunch in my future.

Edited to add:

Took the motley quartet to Knit Nite tonight ... they were a hit (Marti will likely have a half dozen done up by noon tomorrow! *grins*)


Marti said...

'S' so funny! Monkey see knitted snails, monkey knit snails. You knew it was going to happen.

Donna said...

Love the S-car-go!

lexa said...

I still say Sheldon the First should have come home with me!

Diane said...

Well those wild S-car-gos do seem to fit right in with your outdoor lifestyle. And they appear to be gentle creatures.

My son in law is doing the same thing. Hacking down trees for next heating season. Me? Well I'm lazy to I'll just help stimulate the ecomony by purchasing all my firewood as always.