Friday, 11 April 2008

I AM just like Sharon!

what I am wearing! Yeah, baby ... they are finally done (thanks to a push from my friendly Knitterpudlians!)

They are gorgeous ... my new favorites, and they make me think of my friend Sharon every time I look down at my feet (of course I am wearing them right now ... I may never take them off my feet!)

They are helping me get through a somewhat trying day ...

did you know that the fine for not wearing a seat belt in Nova Scotia is $164.50? Don't ask me how I know that figure. Almost exactly one month after I got to meet a very nice Mountie in a similar but much faster paced encounter. My car is practically wallpapered with the green paperwork they handout, and my discretionary yarn spending account is quite depleted.

Please show me your yarn purchases on your blogs ... I need some exposure to yarny goodness (goodness knows how long it will be before I can spend money on yarn without the guilt of the tickets hanging over my head). I deserve the fines, I WAS breaking the law (still doesn't make it any easier to buy yarn!). Send me a link so I can enjoy the spending, without spending the cash! Help a knittah out!


lexa said...

Send them over my way, too. I won't be able to buy anything for about, oh, the next five years. Good thing I have some yarn built up...

Donna said...

Am I reading this correctly? Did you get another ticket, this time for not wearing a seatbelt? No yarn for you!
Sorry, I don't mean to sound snarky, but sometimes it just comes out!
Your Sharon socks rock!

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by your reference to Fralic's Cove in one of your blogs. I'm a Fralic. Can you tell me where the cove is, and any other information you may have. Thanks. (I'm in B.C.)
My email is: