Monday, 28 January 2008

It's a hard working hat

We got a terrible dump of bad weather late last night , which has carried through to now ... this is the first storm that T's tractor has been working , so he decided to plow our driveway. Do you recognize the hat?

We are the 4th driveway he's done ... he is gettting wet ... but his head is warm and cozy ;)


Kris said...

In case he runs out of driveways to plow - does he take out of state requests?

lexa said...

Bet he's having a blast in the rain on that tractor!

ellen said...

I found you through Marti's Little Workshop. Buck up for your birthday. Good things will come your way and there are worse things than being an old thing.
Do I always like being considered old, Hell, no. Do I enjoy my life, Hell, yes. Am I glad to be alive, YES. Can I believe that I just turned 66 (Oh, my God!) NO.
I wish you year after year of goodness and love, of wonder and delight and strength when the going gets tough. It's a gift to be here for me. I can't say that I truly embrace my wrinkles, but I hope that as you age, and I do hope you have the opportunity to do that, that you will continue to marvel at life and find joy in who you are.
You do knit some super things.
Forgive me for being over chatty and invading your space.
I do wish you the best of ever!

lexa said...

Three of the alpacas are in. The green color you liked is here, and I love it! The other three colors are backordered, as is the Kureyon Sock.

I probably won't make Knit Nite. Maybe, maybe not. We got the doggie last night, and I am working today. I don't want to leave her alone too much on her first full day here. She wouldn't go in her kennel, so she's confined to the living room, hopefully not eating anything. Made sure I moved my knitting basket...