Friday, 1 June 2007

You can call me Auntie Heddy ! (again)

I am soooo excited -- my sister is having her baby today!! (by section - issues with her firstborn's birth led to a section this time around)

We don't know what she's having ... but I can't wait to see it!

I'll be back later today with the "big reveal" -- boy or girl?

This is my sister's little fella - Jack - who is very excited about becoming a big brother (he was wanting to call a baby brother
"Deacon", but yesterday changed his mind and would like a brother named "Spanky") LOL - kids are so funny!

More news later!

It's a BOUNCING BABY BOY!!! Big too - ( 9 lbs., 1 oz.!!!) They said they would have had to do an emergency section if she hadn't been already scheduled for one, as he was breech! Momma is safe and happy!

More later on my new nephew's name! (hopefully, they won't go with Jack's Choice -- Spanky !) and an update on if they now have 2 redheaded boys!


lexa said...

Anxiuosly awaiting to hear what she has! You'll get to do some baby knitting! I soon have to pick up some yarn to make a baby blanket for my future niece/nephew. (Remember -- Patons Be Mine is on sale, 30% off!)

Dorothy said...