Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Wonky weather

wow ... the weather sure has been wonky lately! Saturday was 28 degrees celcious, Sunday Sunny but COLD, yesterday miserable, damp and yucky, and today was gorgeous again! Gotta love Spring in Nova Scotia (and global warnming!) One would think that the strange weather would have me knitting more -- what with not knowing if it is ok to go outside -- but I have been picking slowly at it. I think I am done the ISE4 scarf, now to try to block it into shape! It is a funny shape -- I have to look up how to block Mohair and try to give it a shape that looks like a rectangle! It is quite zig zaggy now!

I have one sock done for my Sockapalooza 3 pal, and most of the leg done on the second sock, so that should be done in lots of time for the August deadline. My pal doesn't update her blog very often ... so I find it hard to figure out a lot about what she likes and what she's into, but that's OK -- I think I am on the right track.

Things are starting to get busy at work -- I plan and present programs for the community, and we are making the summer plans now, so I will be knitting at night to de-stress after a hectic day!

(I will posts pics later ... in a new post!)

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lexa said...

You'll have to post a pic! I'm anxious to see the sock. I think I'll buy my Pal's yarn on Tuesday. It's a toss up right now between the Hanauma Bay and Belle Maman socks.