Friday, 25 May 2007

Gifties for Heddy!

T got home yesterday ... and it is really nice to have him back (the house was sure quiet with just me and the 2 dogs, 2 cats and bazillion fish!) He had a really good trip, and has been going on about how clean and beautiful Greenville, SC is -- the pictures he took of the downtown area are beautiful (waterfalls and fountains everywhere, and lovely gardens -- looks like a wonderful place to live!)

What would a trip be without presents for those left home? Nothing, says she who received the bountiful gifts! Where do I start ... hmmm ... well, I got this (I used to wear perfume all the time, and stopped once everyone inthe world seemed to become scentsative to smells ... but I will sneak this in once in a while (it is really quite a soft scent - not nearly as strong as Poison).

He also picked out these ... the clutch is small and he suggested it would be good for storing my dpns in (isn't he clever?!), and the one with straps he thought could either be a purse or a project bag ... he barely had the words out of his mouth and I was stuffing it full of sock yarn! LOL! I am fairly single minded these days! besides, I would wear it out as a purse fairly quickly -- a project bag tends to get a bit more gentle wear.

The bags are really cute ...little cats as zippers and very funky colours. I am pretty pleased with what he picked for me ... the boy knows my style well! Laurel Burch has a lot of really cute things on her website! and it seems like she is sold in a lot of places (I googled her and got 28,800 results! I had never heard of her, but I guess she must be popular!)

We are going on holiday for my birthday next year -- it is a BIG one but I won't say which one it is -- and he has suggested that maybe we do a US "hot spots" tour ... pick out a few cool states to visit, spend a few days in each and get to see lots of neato stuff (ie; the Carol- inas, Arizona and maybe New York ... I don't know where would be a cool place to go down there, as I have only ever been to Florida -- my 12th Birthday) Any suggestions for places that would be fun to see in February (I am thinking New Orleans! but hubby isn't super fond of big crowds, and my b'day is Feb. 2nd -- Mardi Gras is Feb. 5th!)


lexa said...

I am so jealous! I love cat stuff, and all the travelling my other half does I never get gifts. Well, I did get a cat crystal LED light ornament thing last Mother's Day that he got in his travels. Another year I got a cat with a welcome sign in his mouth. They're cute, but unless I tell him, "Take X amount of $$ and get me something" he never does. (Cuts into his food money, see. Might not get that beef jerky. Plus I get the spiel of how he's driving an tractor trailer, can't go just anywhere, no time to shop, I didn't give him any money, only gets to truck stops...)

Anyhoo, the yarn sale seemed to go okay today. We've sold about half of the Regia 3ply. It's a little too fine for me.

I am thinking of maybe making my Sockapalooza Pal's socks out of Austerman Step #09. I haven't fully decided. I think I'll look at patterns more closely this weekend and decide. I have some Cherry Tree Hill in the stash I was going to use, but it's rather dark colors, and all of hers are pretty light.

Have fun planning for "the big one"! My "big one" like yours is in 2012. I am thinking about going to see my friend, Heather, who moved to Australia about six, seven years ago. It's super expensive flights, but at least I'd have a free place to stay!

Cookie said...

Fab pressies!

He's well trained in the present shopping, isn't he? :D

Stacey said...

What a great man! Beautiful bags. Thanks for stopping by to Free Joho!