Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Oh What a Beautiful Day!

Ahhh ... spring is on the way -- it is beautiful outside!

Well ... tonight is my last night as a single woman, on her own, doing wild and crazy things while her husband is in a far flung locale -- LOL! I don't know if I have moved from the computer since he left, except to go to work! heheh -- I am pretty dull; haven't even knit really since he left on his trip.

Tonight is the night -- "When Harry Met Sally", and major progress on my ISE4 scarf (it is due to be int he post on June 5th -- and I am not 1/2 done it! eeeekkkkk! I had such good intensions! My pal lives in Australia, so I really do have to get my butt in gear, and get shopping for goodies and knitting!)

Nothing was bought from the internet last night -- I showed remarkable restraint, despite incredible boredom (I did go out for coffee with a dear friend I haven't spent time with in ages, and we got caught up on about 9 months of each other's lives! I hate losing touch with my special girls!).

But tonight is all about the mystical power of the yarn, and seeing how quickly I can make this ball of mohair turn magically into a beautiful scarf so it can be blocked over the weekend. The scarf is already quite long, but the ball is not really shrinking in size. I put it down about a month ago, and haven't touched it (or even looked at it since -- it is worse than second sock syndrome! ) -- the unending ball freaked me out a little!

Anyhow -- when T returns, I will post a picture of the scarf (if it is done tonight!) Wish me luck!

** Edit ... there is a contest going on over at Sweet Sheep's Blog . The prize is ... yarn! Can't pass it up! Check it out!


lexa said...

I popped on over to check the contest out, thanks for the link. Can't wait to see what your scarf looks like! I started sleeve #1. (I can't believe I'm looking forward to seaming, but I want to practice mattress stitch the right way!)

Dorothy said...

You could just bring a fresh caught trout along with you, we could make a bonfire beside the store LOL :)
I'm working on pair 6. Had pics of them all and lost them. 3 pairs have gone to other homes. Have to re-take the pics of the others.

Alyson said...

Live it up while you still can!! (How's your toe? i actually made a very loud "Argggghhhhh!" noise when I read that - just seeing the words made my littlest piggie throb!)

lexa said...

Guess what! I went to the bus stop from work today to get the oldest one, and what did I see on the way? Over by the fire hall, at the corner where the poop plant used to be, a shiny, red tractor, cruising for all it was worth, piloted by none other than T! As soon as I saw her I thought, "That has to be T!" LOL! That baby can cruise!