Tuesday, 22 May 2007

This deserves it's own post!!!

I got a very exciting phone call from K. last night (remember K? she is the one who went to the Lucy Neatby workshop and cast on her "fist ever sock" on the drive home)

She called to tell me that she had finished the Pair on Sunday, and was part way through the first sock of her "second pair ever" -- I am soooo proud of her! (she did her first pair in Opal - I think- , and her second pair is in Austerman Step -- not sure of the colourways)

She also told me that she showed her MIL, who is a great knitter, and that she had never seen the new fangled self patterning sock yarn, and became instantly enamoured with it. She wanted all the details on where K. got it, -- but she is allergic to Wool (sneezes and wheezes!). On the second or third day of admiring K's yarn and nearly finished socks -- she decided she was going toknit some, went to the yarn store and picked out a cotton/wool/nylon blend -- AND now (well, last night after supper) she is nearly finished her first ever very swanky sock! (she has made socks, but not in the nice new fun yarns!) K. says none of this would have happened if I hadn't been showing my socks at work!

It is so fun to get people interested in knitting -- I love it! I am like a knitting "pusher" at work ("Come on, touch it, you know ya wanna" "I can teach you how" "socks aren't hard ... can you knit? Can ya purl? You can knit a sock!") Its the best feeling in the world to see someone with their first sock (or their first knitted anything!)

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lexa said...

Woo, hoo! Tell K we have Austerman and Fortissima, striping Regia and Kroy. We also have cotton blend sock yarn (not sure where they got theirs), some stripes, some plain. Course, you know we have this stuff! Flog it, flog it! (If its sells we'll get new colors!)