Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Picture this

Because T is in South Carolina with our camera, you will have to have a very vivid imagination to read this blog today, as the things I am going to talk about are not visible on the blog.
Edit: He is staying here which looks pretty nice ... wish I was there too!

I did my first ever order from Etsy last night (that's what happens when I am home alone and bored -- I shop!) I have a bunch of cute little stitch markers coming my way in a few days time!
Ya never know what I might buy tonight ... and he's gone until Thursday! Muwahahaha!

I haven't done much on my SP4 pals soecond sock - gott he cuff nearly done .... I think I broke my baby toe yesterday and have been whining about that since yesterday afternoon. I hit it with the door as i was letting the dog out (and struck the tip of my toe with the edge of the door, ripping the nail off) __ Aren't ya glad there are no pictures? It's gross AND sore!

gotta go and eat my supper!


Sheknits said...

Thanks for entering my stitch marker giveaway contest. I peeked ar ound your blog a litle and wan o copliment you on your nephews socks...GORGEOUS! Also really loved what i saw when i clicked on each word of "might* buy* tonight"
Do you do socks on dpn's or magic loop? WIth all the knitting I do, can you believe I have yet to knit the ever widly popular thing called a sock!

lexa said...

I can totally sympathize with the broken baby toe thing. I've broken each baby toe several times -- one was broken twice for sure, and the other three times for sure. (Xrays showed "several previous traumas" or something to that effect. Yes, I'm super clumsy.) Last time I broke one was shortly after we got the yarn at the store -- so about two years ago. It connected with a plastic toy that time, which in turn connected with a high chair, which made my toe break. My baby toes are all weird shaped now. The sucky thing is there's nothing you can do except suck up the pain!

The government is holding on our HST return a long time this month -- watch out when I get it! A spending I will go. :)

Doing the raglan shaping on the front of the sweater now. You'll have to show me your new stitch markers when you get them. They look really cute.

lexa said...


That's the last time I broke my baby toe -- right when we were moving the yarn into the store!

Dorothy said...

So sorry to hear about your toe. Never done it myself, but put up with hubby when he broke his.
Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. In other words, put some ice on your toe, pop in a Lucy DVD and knit :)
Hope it feels better soon!
Are you going to the knit-in on the 9th?