Monday, 21 May 2007

Victoria day is a happy day!

In Canada, today is a holiday (which is a happy time for me! a day off work, and drizzley miserable weather = a great day of knitting!). I have to bind of the toe of my Sockapalooza 4 Pal's BFF sock, and cast on the second sock (it didn't take very long to do the first one -- Started Thursday afternoon, and finished Sunday at suppertime).

My huband is on his way to the airport for a work related trip to South Carolina ... I have spent the past few days getting organized for his trip. So now he is gone, and I am lonely. I could do some housework, but will probably pop in a dvd (either Lucy Neatby's Sock Techniques 2 or When Harry Met Sally - or Grease). I love "When Harry Met Sally", and watch it often. If you like it too, try the Trivia Quiz I saw Harry Connick Jr. on "Ellen" the other day, and since then, I can't get his music out of my head, and now need a "Harry/Sally"fix! Usually the same thing happens if I see John Travolta promoting a movie -- I have a compelling urge to see Grease! They are both such "feel good" movies!

Not much this post for knitting content -- T has the camera, so there will not likely be many knitting pics over the next few days. Related to knitting : I showed my MIL and SIL the first BFF sock for my SP4 Pal, and my MIL said I shouldn't send it to someone I don't know - that she would give the socks a good home! So I think she will like the socks I made her, and it reassured me that the socks look nice!

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lexa said...

You should be able to get lots of knitting done with T gone, especially if the weather stays wet. (Just looked at the weather site, and now it looks like sun all the rest of the week. Hope so!)

I started Logan's sweater yesterday. I got the back done, and I've started the front. Not much done on that yet. (It's the one out of Bernat Denimstyle.) Hoping to have it done by the end of the week maybe, then I'll start Darren's. I may need to throw in some socks, too. Need to get two more kids pairs finished for Dulaan by June 1!