Saturday, 19 May 2007

Plugging Away at the Plunge

Yes, today, the first day of the long weekend (it is Victoria Day in Canada on Monday, and therefore a three day relaxing weekend for Heddy!) I have devoted myself to making up for lost time with the 52 Pair Plunge, and also to getting a move on with my Sockapalooza 4 Pal's socks (my pal is a US Gal who likes dark colours -- coincidentally she wears the same size shoe as me! but has a nice narrow foot, unlike my wide clodhoppers!).

I began her sock Thursday afternoon, when I was home from work sick, and the pattern I am working on is BFF by Cookie. The yarn is a new one they had at Have a Yarn -- Garnstudio's Fabel, in colour 677. It is really nice and soft, and the colours are working up very well, although the yarn might be a bit busy for the cable pattern ... I think I like it though (there have been a few thoughts of "well, I could keep it for me, and knit her something else", and "there is no way she'd ever know that I started these for her and ended up giving her something else" -- that sort of "inside my head talk" is usually a good sign that I like what I am doing, and will actually finish the project!).

I am not usually a big fan of dark colours (I tend to go for rich jewel tones or sunny tropical colours, especially for socks) but the colours in this mix are really getting me interested in the socks ... I have done 4 cable repeats and made a 2 inch cuff, and the colour pattern has yet to repeat. I like a nice long colour pattern! And the occasional burst of limey green and turquoise make it a bit more vibrant than I thought it would be!

I don't have a picture of the socks yet (be patient, Lexa!) and I have put aside the "very- frustrating-but-not-because-of-the-pattern" Hederas I started ages ago. They have upset me beyond belief, and I am not speaking to them at the moment (I keep hoping that what happened between us will go away, but we haven't spoken in weeks, and I don't know if they are going to apologise -- the end of a beautiful friendship) ... pictures will follow perhaps tomorrow, if they behave themselves and we get a sunny day (you need to see the disappointment they caused me in the true light of day!)

Since you made it to the end, and it is a miserable day outside ... you are rewarded with a snippet from my front garden ... beeeee busy this weekend!

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lexa said...

Poor Hedera, cast aside as she's an Ugly Duckling! LOL!

Here I sit, bored to tears. I hate working Saturdays. Got one of my short Broadripples done today, though. I did end up taking home my two bags of yarn (quickly hidden in the closet before Eyeballs could see it). Think as soon as these BRs are done I'll start one of the sweaters for the offspring. I'll have to work a bit on Dulaan socks, too. Got to make two more pairs of kids socks before I send the box away. I only have enough to make like size two socks, so I can knit a pair in a day. (And I really wanna do some mattress stitch -- never thought I'd hear myself say that!)

Looking forward to seeing your Sockapalooza socks. I'm still debating on what I want to make my Pal. I will allow myself two more weeks, then I need to start them. I want them done before school ends cuz we'll be gone a lot, and my knitting sometimes suffers for it. (I still knit, but I just don't want to miss the August 2 mailing deadline. I'd hate my Pal to think that I flaked on her.)

Have a nice holiday weekend! Sucks that's it's gonna rain/drizzle the whole time. The store is open Monday, but I don't work. :)

PS Monday is the airing of The Price is Right with Tim and Kevin in the audience. They are in the middle section behind contestant's row, two rows from the back on the right-hand side near the isle, in case you are watching. Tim is wearing a red TPIR t-shirt and jumping up and down.