Wednesday, 21 March 2007

A day of disappointment ... followed by intense joy!

Finally I have Yarn to show! Check out the Fleece Artist sock yarns my husband picked up for me ... T is so good to me!

I emailed him at work today because a lys was having a fantastic sale on Fleece Artist yarn, and told him to pick out 3 skeins for me ( I was being soooo good, I wanted more because of the wicked sale, but held back because I didn't want to sink my budget and add a ton of yarn to my already big stash) I know ... it is Fleece Artist and it was a really good sale! But I held back.

T comes home, hands me a bag, which felt somewhat heavier than the requested 3 skeins ... I was a little excited "How many are in here?" I asked, as I opened it ... and pulled out 6 sock yarns and 2 skeins of Mohair! I was so excited, I did a little dance and planted a big wet one on him! The dogs were going bananas because I was dancing (and , well, our dogs are generally bananas) and he was happy to see me that excited.

I seriously can't believe that he got me that much yarn! Ladies (and Gentlemen, if there are any of you reading this), I am gonna need suggestions for patterns for all these socks-to-be!

And all this after going to the post office this afternoon, hoping to see my STR ... but alas, I just saw an empty box! I went home, a bit disappointed, but hopeful it would come tomorrow ... and thinking that because I didn't hear from T, that I had missed the big Fleece Artist sale too.

Another joyful bit of news -- I got my International Scarf Exchange Partner today -- I now know who I will be knitting for! I also got an email from "Miss Muffet" who will be knitting for me. Lots of fun, and I am looking forward to learning more about these 2 people and making and getting a new scarf! Both seem like really interesting people.
So ... all in all it has been a great day!


lexa said...

I am jealous. Seriously jealous. Mine would never go to a yarn shop to get me yarn, even if I told him specifically what to get. Yours goes and even gets you extra! I got the e-mail today, but sadly I will miss out on it.

The STR should come soon. I'll be surprised if it doesn't come this week.

Alyson said...

whoaaaa...that's amazing! i'm very impressed with t - generous AND good taste!!