Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Another Satisified Customer .. lol

The Steps are done! I finished T's Austerman Step Socks tonight -- just moments ago -- and they are a huge hit! He says they feel like they were custom made for his feet ... and they feel wonderful! The colourway is 03 - Gras, and they were knit on 3 mm needles (except for 2 inches of cuff were knit with 3.25 mm).

I like the feel of the Step, but the patterning is weird -- as you may have noticed in the pictures, the repeats are not the same from sock to sock. I worked one from the centre of the ball out, and the other from the outside inward to make sure I had enough yarn, because when I had finished one sock, it looked like I had just then reached the end of the first repeat , but you can see the swaths of colour are not even close to the same (look at the length of the brown repeats and the white and pink repeats as well! one sock has very long washes of colour, the other has "brief" ones!) I would say that the Austeman Step in Gras does not have a reating pattern, that the washes are placed randomly, and it would be impossible to make a matching pair of them (so if you are someone who Frateral Twin socks bothers, I would pick another colur for your socks!)

I like them, and what matters is he likes them too.

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lexa said...

I don't think I could have matched mine exactly, either. I didn't think I had enough yarn to try where mine had a swatch knit from it when I bought it. Still, I found where I the striping started on each sock, and it still didn't match up.

Glad he likes them! That's what counts.