Sunday, 18 March 2007

Super Sunday!

Well ... today has been a great day, all round! To start with, when I got up this morning, I had a message here on the blog from Alyson that I was one of her Blogiversary Contest winners! Yee-haw! I very rarely win stuff ... and have never won yarn as a prize before! Dave at the post office will think I have a crush on him, I'll be there every day until the prize arrives ... pretty exciting! Thank you Alyson, I am very pleased to be a winner!

Then, I went to check on my boy because he was gone when I woke up -- since he got the tractor, he is always at his brother's place cleaning it up and working on it. The de-greasing is done, and he is almost done the sandblasting and it will soon be time to paint it (so, happy day, progress is being made!)

I had great plans to spend the rest of the day knitting on the sock for T. but I felt torn in my wifely obligations -- knit or do something productive around the house? Since it is a rare and remarkable thing for me actually do anything around the homestead -- I got a case of the guilts and decided to cook for a change. I just finished making a mega load of lasagnas! When I make lasagna, there are generally lots of them made -- they freeze well and make a good quick meal on nites we don't want to make anything -- plus, it is a little known fact that I make awesome lasagna! Once I get started, I enjoy cooking, and now that I have a dishwasher ... it was a breeze (clean up used to be a drag -- but it is amazing what you can actually put through one of those machines now! I didn't wash a single dish, pot or utensil!)

Sock news -- I had planned to be done the Step sock ... but cooking and tractor admiration got in the way (plus after the news of my win, I was in a bit of a happy, unproductive stupor), so I only knit for a half hour today ... but I will be working on it tonight (tonight was the deadline I had set for completion, but --- ain't gonna happen, so I am extending the deadline to Wednesday nite - I am working Monday and Tuesday evenings, or it would be done sooner!) I am really anxious to be done with his sock so I can start/finish my Austerman Step socks ... I want them done before the STR order comes. "Fire on the Mountain" and "Cracked Canyon" will be wanting to be made into something wonderful (Alyson is working on socks in Fire on the Mountain, its a pretty sock pattern.)

For those of you who have read this long, rambling post right through to the end ... sorry there are no knitting pics today -- but here is the obligatory cute kitten picture (he has blue eyes ... so every picture I take with the flash , he ends up with red eye!). This was yesterday, he was "helping" me with the laundry.


lexa said...

Congrats on the win! I saw you were a winner. I've won twice, and she always sends great stuff.

I didn't get much knitting done this weekend. I did get the heel turned on the second sock and the gusset done, but I see I missed a decrease that I have to fix. I had hoped to have the second sock done today. I may yet, but I may not. I want to post pictures from our weekend, and that could take awhile if Blogger co-operates.

Shelley said...

Congrats on winning the contest! It's always fun to win prizes - especially the yarny ones!

The kitty looks so cute!