Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Spring is less than 1 week away

Do you see them? The little sprouts in the right corner are iris and crocus, the green bits on the upper left are columbine, and the green grey bits under the columbine are centura montana,

look at my drab brown lawn ... not much snow on it (except for the harbour ice at the end of the yard!) -- look across the harbour -- only a bit of snow and ice over there too! we might have seen the last of old man Winter!

looky, looky! not a bit of ice in the harbour! On the weekend there were ice chunks all over the place, and a week ago, it was frozen nearly the whole way across ... happy dance^^

the cherry tree is in the foreground ... lots of nice plump buds swelling on it already (also, because it makes me quite happy-- note the absence of snow in the neighbors yard --one little pile, that's all! )
No matter how carefully I stepped, I still managed to squish down into the muck ... got my favorite shoes all muddy! Boo!


Heddy said...

I am hating blogger right now -- won't accept my format changes - pardon my mess! It will be fixed soon!

lexa said...

By the sounds of it we haven't seen the last of the snow yet. It's going to be a real mess tomorrow afternoon and night. Of course, only to turn to a slushy mess Saturday when it's +11C and raining.

Shelley said...

Our crocuses are starting to come up too. Can't wait til they bloom - they're so pretty. We've got dark purple, light purple and yellow ones.

We're supposed to get some icky weather here tomorrow too...not looking forward to that!

Alyson said...

Hey, you're a weiner! Wait, no......winner! You're a winner! Give a big hug, and then swing by my blog and click the link in the sidebar to email me, let me know your address and get some free shtuff! :-D