Saturday, 3 March 2007

UFO's everywhere!

It seems like everywhere I look there is a UFO ... scares me a little, and I should really work to get this under control! (someday, I will post pics of all my UFOs ... it is a bit embarrassing! I have great expectations, but little ambition to follow through!)

Right now, on the needles I have 2 pairs of socks -
indeterminate pattern in Austerman Step and Broadripple in Fortissima Colori, col. 9094.

I finally decided to be nice and ask my sweetie if he would like a pair of stripey thin socks (he has started wearing the socks I made him nearly every day over the past week, so that warrants making him a new pair!)

To my surprise, he said yes, he'd wear the fun stripey yarns I like (hate hate hate knitting with a solid colour right now - seems to drag on forever!). So I got out my sock stash, and he looked through it, and picked out a few that he said he liked "If I didn't have plans for" -- what a nice fella! I didn't like the ones he picked, so we made a trip to the LYS this morning to pick yarn for his big ole feet! Funny ... I just pointed him to the wall o' sock yarn and said pick whatever you want, and he immediately grabbed the Austerman Step in Gras (lucky for me --- he could have picked a boring old solid grey in a not-nice-to-work-with blend of materials! I really like working with the Austerman - love the colour he chose). I will be putting my Austerman on hold for a week or 2 (pictured above in Whiskey colourway)while I knit his socks. When he tried on "my" Austerman -- too small (whew! dodged a bullet there!), but he really liked the thin soft yarn.

Anyone have any ideas for a pattern? He has thin legs/calves and a wide foot. I will be googling alot tomorrow for a man's sock pattern, so your advice is really appreciated! I am thinking -- possibly something with ribs or a bit of cable would be nice ... but not too complex.

These are the socks I made for him 4 1/2 years ago - Briggs & Little Fine Socks pattern ... Tresko Garn by Sandnes (col. 4255), made in Norway. They were the first socks I had ever made, first thing I had knit on small needles, and I see mistakes all through them. They are short in the leg because I was scared I would get bored and not finish them, and he would have "Sock" not "SockS"!

I'll post when I am done the Broadripple in blue, and then again when I start the Gras Steps.


lexa said...

Broadripple in stripey yarn, I'll be looking forward to seeing a closer picture of them. I really like the Austermann, too. I wore them to work the other day, and they were very comfortable. I can see Tommy wearing stripey socks -- he used to ride a unicycle, after all! (Can he still do that?)

I have too many UFOs, too. I'd like to try to work only most of that stuff til I start new stuff for a bit, but I know I'll need socks and a pair of mittens this month for my KALs, too.

Can't really think of many men's sock patterns off hand for you to try. I've only ever really knit work socks for men. There's a pattern on Knitty called Thujas. Kinda ribby but not. Don't know if they'd work or not.

Heddy said...

tee hee! he is an adventurous man!yes he can still ride a unicycle! (and he still has the one he rode all those years ago!) I saw the Thujas -- they look nice ... and I am also looking at Widdershins -- I think I could get them big enough. Do you think it would be ok to work on a bigger needle -- 3 mm instead of 2.5)?

I try to work on UFOs but it lasts an evening, and then my attention is elsewhere! I want to make so many things, but would have to quit work to get them all done!