Monday, 26 February 2007

slow week

Wow .. after the quick knit of the Broadripple socks, I thought for sure I'd be done the Austerman Steps I started a week ago ... but work has ground to a stop. I have been trying to decide if the socks are gonna be for me (selfish, I know, but I love them so and I wear my socks whenever i can) or he -- The generous loving wife wants desperately to knit them for him as a surprise, but is scared1) that he wont wear stripey socks after I have slaved over them and am covetting them, and they'll be too big for me to wear,2) that he'll wear them once and then put them in the drawer with the other pair of socks I made him which he wears infrequently (not daily!),3) wear them and love them and demand/suggest/ plead for more socks and interfere with the sock production I have planned for meI am a sweet loving wife most of the time , but wow! I really like the socks I knit (or others knit for me) ... the fun colours, the funky designs, the fine wool -- its the whole package for me, and I get a lot of joy from looking down at them (I even have "special" shoes for my hand knit sock days -- bought them in 3 different colours even!) ... I like the idea of making for him, but I like the idea of making for me more - am I a bad person?Regardless of if I am the devil in wool, or a devoted loving little wifey with knitting needles in hand, I still have to decide what to do with these socks -- I haven't touched them in DAYS, because I don't know what to do! I am really leaning toward ME! ME! ME! (I am even considering a coin toss, but it scares me a little that already I am considering cheating so I win!)I think I can live with being a bad person with warm feet ... just don't tell that I was considering them for him! The NEXT pair is for him!Tee hee ... we'll see !!!


Dorothy said...

As I sit here wearing my Austermann socks - I say YOU YOU YOU!! Your feet will thank you.

Then to make yourself feel better - do a plain pair of socks for him. Working on some B&L for my hubby, only been working on them for a year now LOL

Dorothy said...

Me again.
Go see Lucy Neatby!!
I "crashed" a knitting retreat she was hosting at White Point in Nov of 05 (I think). Got her permission to crash it first LOL. Such a nice lady.
She got me hooked on bamboo needles.
Didn't get to take part in any of the planned events, just a sale day, but did get to look at lots of her work, and it's amazing.
Too bad I'm working May 12 ;(

lexa said...

I really like the Austermann. I'd never knit my other half a pair with that, he'd never wear striped socks. The only kind I'd ever venture to make him are plain old work socks. He's got size 12 hoofs anyways, takes too much yarn!

There are so many nice sock patterns out there. I have so much yarn now, and I think pretty much everything has a pattern in mind to go with it. Lots of sock yarn, some yarn for a few other things. It just never seems like I get ahead. I finish something, and there's still a big list of what I want to do. (And I haven't really been buying much.) Maybe the yarn is like rabbits and is in the closets multiplying...