Wednesday, 21 February 2007


Got the email below this morning from Have a Yarn ... sounds pretty exciting! If you want to attend or take part, send Heather and the Gang an email, stating which of the topics, or another topic you'd like to see! This woman, Lucy Neatby has written books , patterns, and seems to be a knitting guru from what I have been reading! And she is from Nova Scotia to boot! A local talent! Pretty exciting! I am thinking of going ... gotta make sure I am not working! ** and to make it even more interesting and kinda coincidency ... I was checking SAMKAL3, and saw someone posted this ... a sock from a Neatby pattern ! I am sure I am meant to go! LOL

Hello Fellow Knitters!

I am contacting every one with exciting news about an upcoming event. Lucy Neatby is going to be coming to Have a Yarn on Saturday, May 12 for a full day of teaching. For those of you who are not familiar with Lucy, she is a world reknown teacher, author and designer. Her recent series of instructional DVD's are a best seller already. We are truly fortunate that she has been able to fit us into her busy schedule.
Lucy teaches a wide variety of knitting topics and what we have done is narrowed them down to those in the following list. We ask you to respond to us as to what interests you most. If there is a topic or skill that you are particularly keen to do, tell us about that also as perhaps it is something else that we could consider a class for a future date. Here are the ones we have so far:
*Double Knitting (intermediate upwards) 6 hours -creating 2 sided fabric
*Ambidexterous Knitting (Experienced Beginner and upwards) 3 hours
*Quick Felted Mini Bags (novice/intermediate) 6 hours
*Phoenix From the Ashes (beginners and upwards, 3 hours) -anticipating trouble spots in a pattern, "fix-it" techniques, duplicate stitch, grafting, ripping out, many correction methods, etc
*Allure of Lace (experienced beginner and upwards) 6 hours -over view of lace knitting
* Tassels, Trims & Titbits (experience beginner & upwards) 6 hours -dazzling details and edgings, trims, bind offs, i-cords and tassels
*Equilateral Triangles (Experienced Beginner and Upwards) 3 hours - patchwork and triangular units knit into a preplanned shope, designing with this method
*Working With Variegated and Handpainted Yarns (experienced beginner and upwards) 6 hours - How to get the most out of them.

As you will see, some of the topics are for 6 hours and some are 3. The day will be divided into morning and afternoon and if 2 of the 3 hour classes are chosen, then you can take both or just one. If the class chosen is a 6 hour one, then you will be signing up for the full day. The price will be $55.00 for the full day or $30.00 for just one 3 hour class, if you take both the price will still be $55.00. Class size is limited to 20 people. We anticipate holding this at the Mahone Bay Centre to give us the necessary space and seating.

There are some other events coming up that we will keep you informed about as they approach. Local designer Ilga Leja is coming to Have a Yarn to do a Trunk Show featuring her new patterns for spring. This will be an evening or afternoon reception with refreshments. Another NS Designer, Jane Thornley, will be coming to us during the summer for a day long workshop, topic to be announced. And for all you felting enthusiasts, Urszula Lizitski from Switzerland will be doing a very "hands on" work shop on felting with wool fibre that is not knitted, just done using hands and roving and lots of water! Sounds like some creative fun!

Please keep checking our web site for feature products and stitch of the month projects, and let us know what your interests are with regard to the class with Lucy.

Happy Knitting Everyone,

Heather, Anne, Rachel, Marian, Shirlene


lexa said...

I got this e-mail, too. Sounds neat. You interested in all day or just certain class(es)? I'm weird in that I'd never go to anything on my own. I'm not super outgoing around a bunch of people I don't know.

Heddy said...

It will depend on what they end up offering -- some of the stuff doesn't sound at all appealing to me, but I am interested in the lace thingy, or the Phoenix from the ashes or the Trims, tassles and bindoff one.

If I am not working, and if they are offering something that sounds good -- we could go together, if you wanted. I would love to get out with a bunch of knitters (and maybe if you went to something like this, you could talk W & K into hosting an event or class sometime her in town! I am a bit shy, but I get over it in a few minutes, if it's something I am interested in! I am just hoping it is not a day that I have an event at work! I am gonna try to not schedule anything for that weekend!

lexa said...

You'll have to let me know. I would have no problem switching it if it's my weekend to work. Mary would switch with me, or the summer student will be there, and Karen or Warren can work with her. Any of the ones you listed are good. Just to get away from the house and kids for a bit is a deal for me! Keep me posted on what you decide. Either way is fine with me (if you decide to go or decline).

lexa said...

The Austermann Step in gras arrived today. Tuesday is pay day, so I think one skein will be coming home with me.