Friday, 16 February 2007

SAM3 February -- Done!

Got my February socks done!
These are Broadripple in Patons Kroy Socks Stripes in "Krazy Stripes".Started them on Saturday afternoon, and finished them this evening (Thursday), and didn't knit at all on Saturday night. They went really fast.I altered the pattern by shortening the leg length to about 4 inches and used 3.5 needles because I didn't have any 3.25 mm as the pattern called for. This is my first pair of lace type socks -- I have only ever made stockinette stitch ones, so this was pretty exciting for me!
The pattern was really easy to learn, and I loved the colour scheme of this yarn, from my stash. The colours remind me of the Caribbean, ~ water, sun, and swaying palms (and sort of neat that the pattern is made up of waves ) ... anyhow, it helped as I knit to be thinking about drinking a margarita on a hot beach with palm trees for shade, and the refreshing warm ocean lapping on the beach! -- it has been really cold, snowy and icy over the past few days, and it was nice to think tropical for a change! Plus, the first time we went South, I had my hair done in cornrows on a beach, and the beads I picked were blue, lime and yellow (just like the socks) - so these socks did keep me warm while I knit them, and I had a lot of nice memories knit into them.
I am wearing them to work today ... not sure what I have that matches, but they are being worn! They fit perfectly! First time I've ever made one that fits well - I usually get impatient and make them a bit too short in the heel or foot, but this pair is perfect!


lexa said...

I must have been in a daze when I commented on your socks on the SAM3 blog. I didn't even realize they were yours! My head is in a fog these days.

I really liked the Broadripple pattern. Mine are a peachy color of hand-dyed sock yarn purchased on eBay. I started a pair of socks last night after I finished my felted slippers, but they're just a plain 4x2 rib pattern from YoYo Knits using the Austermann Step I got last summer at Have a Yarn. I really want to start Monkey soon. Lots of people are knitting them, and they look so nice. Of course, I'm partial to Cookie's patterns anyways. Most of the socks I've knit have a pattern. I think only one pair I made from Socka self striping yarn is plain stocking stitch. I do have two more colors of Socka that will be plain old st-st socks when I get time to knit them!

Well, must go find something constructive to do. I'm working, and Friday nights are soooooo boring. I did bring knitting. That's one advantage of being alone here -- I can knit and the bosses aren't here to frown on me.

Have a nice weekend!

Shelley said...

The socks are great! I did a pair of plain socks up in this exact yarn - my second pair ever. I love the colours in it, and even bought some more to do up another pair of socks sometime - this time a patterned sock instead of the plain ones.

lexa said...

One thing I forgot -- there's two odd 50g balls of Socka in the mark-down bin at work, 25% off (reg price is $7.99). They are both self striping blue shades. One pair is enough for child socks for your nephew or do contrasting heel/toes for a shorter adult pair. Thought I'd let you know!

lexa said...

You must have seen the Patons SWS, Soy Wool Stripes. It felts super easy, I actually overfelted the footies I made that are in the store. They were supposed to be ladies medium, but they turned out small. I had to take scissors to them, though. They were super-hairy, too much so for my likings.

I can get Mary to set those two balls of Socka aside for you in the morning. They were still there Saturday when I worked. I'll be glad when the backordered gras Austermann comes in. We've sold three balls of it so far, but it will be so much nicer to have two color selections. I hope she orders more sooner than later -- I have five colors marked down, I think.

Shannan said...

Your socks look great! I like how the pattern breaks up the striping.