Wednesday, 14 February 2007

I am still here

It seems like I haven't had a spare moment to post -- but I have been really busy over the past week (lots of work, and just plain busy around the house too!) I have been knitting a bit (nearly done my Feb. socks for Sock of the month 3 -- Started it on Feb. 10th, and if I really apply myself, I will be done tomorrow or Friday, much sooner if I didn't have to work! LOL! wouldn't that be the life? No work, just sitting and knitting - ahh, a dream come true!)

I finished a small Whirly Bird hat for my 5 month old nephew for valentine's Day, but forgot to photograph it before I gave it to him ... oops!it is almost the same as the original Whirly Bird, but sized for a baby, not a child.

Ahhh ... went to Mahone Bay on Saturday -- spent some time at Have a Yarn, oohing and ahhing over all the yummy yarns (they have a beautiful selection, and all sorts of things knitted up to show you the cool things you can do with some of the fancy new yarns).

Of course, I bought a few things - Austerman Step in 09 (I think that's "Whiskey"), 2 balls of Inca Gold baby alpaca in celery green - # 1330 (I can't decide - socks, mitts or a lacey scarf? -- I've never knit alpaca before - suggestions?), and some new sock needles (a set of Pony Pearl 2.25 mm dpns, a set of 4" Bryspun 3.25 mm dpns, and splurged on a set of Crystal Palace Bamboo 2.5 dpns -- very nice in the hand!). I have a bit of arthritis in my hands and find it hard to use metal needles - I love the Bryspuns I already own (3.5 mm - 7 inch long, perhaps?) ... they weere my first pair of dpns, and I used them to knit the first pair of socks I ever made! If I could knit every pair of socks on them I would, but they are too big for all the fun, fancy sock yarns, so I wanted some nice, easy on the hands small sizes.

That's all for now ... I'll post when the socks are done


lexa said...

Wondered where you've been! Did you ever see the Stones in concert? We went and took my brother (his fave band ever) last September when they played Halifax. Look in my September archives for some pics.

Our Austermann came in, but the green was backordered. I really wish she had ordered more than two colors. It sucks having a new yarn in and such a puny selection. The new Sockas are nice.

I hope you don't blow away or wash away in this storm!

Heddy said...

We went to the Stones when they were in Moncton in Sept. 2005 -- BEST thing I've ever done! My husband suprized me for our anniversary (when your favorite band EVER performs on your anniversary, you know you have the best husband in the world when he buys you tickets as a surprise!) It was soooo good ... I will die a happy woman!

I read that you didn't get the full order -- I was interested in the green a bit, but mostly in the 2 more orangey colours (and when i saw Melba in person -- it wasnt me, so I got the Whiskey colour) ... I will probably get some from you once I use the ball I have. I like to support local business as much as I can.

man ... this weather is something else -- I am hoping it stops soon - the windows are rattling on the river side of the house from the wind blowing in from the water.

Any suggestions for the Inca Gold Alpaca?

lexa said...

Not sure about what to do with your new yarn. Ever think about lacey socks? There's some nice ones out there.

I meant to say, too, that I did the last Sockapalooza, and it was lots of fun. Tonia from the Knitting Zen link on my blog is doing a Spring Sock Swap, too, where you pick the yarn/pattern and knit one sock and send that sock and the yarn to make the second sock to your pal. I haven't signed up yet. I think it closes March 16ish, so I'm still thinking about it.

Looking forward to seeing your February socks!

Shelley said...

Can't wait to see your socks. How about a lacy scarf with the alpaca?