Sunday, 4 February 2007

quick gift -- and a friendship forms

I decided that since my nephew and his mom and dad are visiting his grandmother for the weekend, I should make him an early Valentines gift and a red hat was born ... It is made of the Shetland Chunky Tweeds in Deep Red, and one of the I-cords is the Medium Blue. Turned out cute -- I think he'll like it. Apparently, he discovered an olive green Funny hat I knit for my sister years ago, and now refuses to wear anything else because people keep telling him its a nice hat (think green haired muppet!) Because I find that hysterical -- I am also giving him a hat and scarf in red Funny! LOL

My worries about socialization of the menagerie seem to be unfounded - the kitten has been roaming the house loose with the big cat and the 2 dogs, and is no worse for the wear! The dogs adore him, and he loves them right back. It will be a while before he rams the house with no people in it, but for now, whenever we can, we will will be letting him loose with the dogs. I am such a worrier bu my husband is more laid back (I was scared to death, but it all worked out).


lexa said...

The hat is really cute! I love Shetland Chunky and the Tweeds.

She ordered Gras for sure and Laub, I think. I wish she would have ordered at least six colors, but she won't do that til she sees if it sells. I like the other two colors you mentioned, so maybe I'll write those down in the book for the next order. Hopefully it will sell well, and another order won't be too far in the future. I will post when the new yarn arrives.

I picked up a sweater pattern similar to the tractor pattern, but it has a big truck on it. I'd like to make one for the youngest one, but I'm not much at working with more than one color. I may pick up some Canadiana to knit it with so if it's a flop it's not an expensive flop.

I'm almost to the heel of the second work sock, third pair. I may have enough left to try a fourth pair, but he won't get those unless he doesn't have to leave til Tuesday!

Shelley said...

The hat is so cute! Your nephew will love it I'm sure :o)

Glad to hear the kitten is getting on with the other animals!