Friday, 2 February 2007

Lotsa pictures of knitting past , present(s) and future!

Today the weather warmed up ... We had rain, when they had cancelled school for a winter snowstorm. Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me that it was warm outside (hence the drippy, wet stuff falling from the sky in the place of the fluffy white stuff), so I proceeded with my regular routine this morning and again at lunch -- light a fire to keep the house warm. At lunchtime, the house was 82 ... I realized this after adding wood to the fire -- when I checked again at 2 p.m. , the house was 88! It has been HOT ("strip down and wear a bathing suit in the house" hot)in here all day and evening.

Too hot to knit much (too hot to sit still for a period of time), So I thought I'd take pictures of the latest creations ... hat for hubby (pattern is modified from the KnitSimple , Holiday 2006 issue "Basic Hats"(he has a large melon, and they called for a 4 inch hat -- wasn't gonna work! so I made it much longer and fiddled with the cast off to get it to fit well)
I look like a bank robber - and am dying of heat - so this picture will have to do for now, until I get a willing model. Hat is made of Shetland Chunky Tweed in Charcoal (I love the little flecks of gold and green! plus it is so cuddly soft),the replacement slippers for the kitten breeder- this time made of navy and new denim in the same yarn as before Again a dime for perspective, and the after felting shot will come once I get a brother in law's foot to borrow while I shrink the slippers! (I'll just edit this post when they are finally felted!)

My sister, her husband and my 2 1/2 year old nephew come home for a visit tomorrow -- he is such a doll! Such a little cutie! I am working on a sweater for him - he loves tractors - so this seemed like a perfect gift ! Except i am not good at managing all the colours and keeping my eye on the chart - have torn the front apart 3 times so far. The sweater and I are enjoying some "time apart" right now! It will help our relationship in the long run! I am Knitting it out of this in colours that are more suited to my sister's tastes ... and the tractor is red, just like Grampy's Massey Ferguson. If I can get it to stop pucking and finish it before he outgrows it, it will be a big hit! My sister doesn't knit herself, but she loves to have things knit for her little guy , so when she was pregnant with him, I made sweaters for the first 2 years (and now he has outgrown them all, and I have to play catch-up, PLUS she's having another baby, due in June! Pressure!)Some of his sweaters ... now sadly too small (but good for the new one!)


lexa said...

I really like those two blues together for the slippers. I have a skein of the Charcoal Tweed for a hat for my other half, too. I guess I'll need to make that and another pair of socks this weekend considering he's leaving for Whitehorse Monday or Tuesday!

I like the sweaters that you made for your nephew. Bernat has a new free pattern on their site of a sweater similar to that one. They have a new yarn out called Softee Chunky Twists. I printed the pattern off and was thinking about knitting two for my boys out of Shetland Chunky, but zippers and I don't get along. I can't sew very well, but I do have a machine with a zipper foot, so I may give it a go. (Worst comes to worst I'll take them to Seams Sew Simple!)

The tractor sweater looks great, too. I was thinking about doing the one with the Big Truck on it for my youngest. Make it a black one like Daddy's truck.

Have a good weekend!

Shelley said...

Such beautiful items you've made! Great job on them all!

Heddy said...

Thanks, Lexa and Shelley ... the polo collar 3 tone sweater was fun to knit, but I had to have the former owner of the LYS put the zipper in for me (and it gave her grief - it has a really weird placket!). The baby sweaters were all fun to make - and she was so surprized at her shower! Fun! Now my nephew is 2 1/2 and it takes longer to make sweaters!

lexa said...

I love green, so I especially love the little zipper sweater. I'd like one of those in the same colors my size!

I will keep you posted on the Austerman Step. I think I may use my skein of it this week once hubby is gone, and I don't have to knit work socks. That way I can tell people what it's like. I may even take a skein and make a pair for the store, that way people can see/feel for themselves! I know I'll be coming home with the green...

Heddy said...

Is the Austerman ordered in Gras? I like it alot, but Melba and whiskey look "like me" too! I bet it is nic on your hands when you arte knitting -- mine dry so badly with wool!

That 3 tone green sweater was knit with Bernat Softee Chunky (I think) and was made from a pattern book that I can't kind at the moment 9it was here last week, not sure where!) that goes from infant to age 12 for sizing!