Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Another Pair Down ...

(as usual, click on the picture to get a bigger picture, if you want to see the fine details - or look for my mistakes! LOL! or check out the pet hair , fuzz and lint on my socks and furniture! LOL!!)
Finished the Broadripple in the blue Fortissima on Sunday afternoon - they are knit on the needles the pattern calls for, and are too small for me this time! (last time, I knit them in a size bigger needle and they were a bit too big! -- I guess these will be a gift!) I got the yarn in the markdown bin at the LYS as it was the only one left in that dye-lot, knit them with short legs, and still ran out of yarn ... had to go back and use the scraps left over from matching up the pattern sock to sock -- annoying to just be a yard too little! Ahh well, I still think they look good, and my mother in law or my sister might like them. If they weren't too small for me, I'd keep them for me!

Got started the Step in Gras after supper on Sunday. They are coming along quickly - I am using the "pattern" on the website -- and modified it to be a reasonable size for Hubby (seems small - that is the pattern I was following in the Whiskey colourway that proved to be too small for him). This time, the cuff is knit on 3.25 dpns for 2 colour repeats, then I moved down to 3 mm dpns and will do the rest of the sock in that size, and I think I will keep the rib down to the toe (except for the instep area). He has a wide foot and I want it to fit him!

I gotta say, the Whiskey is more fun to knit -- very obvious colour changes, gives you something to look forward to ... the Gras is all pretty subtle (except for the white - pink- white 3 rows ... yes, I said PINK! ... couldn't see the pink on the outside of the ball when we bought it, and it doesn't look like a pink stripe in any of the pictures ... but in life, it is definitely pink) I'm sure He will be OK with a pink stripe - the socks are mostly green, moss, and gravel coloured, so the pink is a little perk! tee hee!

I was off sick yesterday and again today, so you'd think I would have got a bunch of knitting done, but spent yesterday sleeping from 2 - 6 p.m. and today I am still not feeling well enough to be a knitting demon ... shingles and the meds to treat it really knock the zip out of you! I had shingles a year ago - I hope I caught it early enough that I don't end up sick with it for as long as then.

Oh, a while back, I mentioned our fish and snails ... here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure -- set the scene, pretend to be hearing the gentle splash and slosh of flowing water, and picture the bubbles in motion.

Tranquility, eh? Pretty relaxing way to spend time when you are sick!

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lexa said...

I really like your stripey Broadripples. I've got a big ball of Socka that my Sockapalooza pal sent me. Maybe I'll make myself a short pair and plain socks for the boys. That would be plenty.

Tim has shingles, too. He gets his on his forehead. A couple of summers ago he thought he got bit by a spider. Come to find out it was shingles. One side of his face gets funny, too, sometimes, and he's always scared it's another outbreak. I blame it on me because I had chicken pox in July/04 when I was 32 (thought I'd die - most sick I've ever been), and I didn't know I was contagious and was at work. Shortly after that he broke out, and chicken pox can recur as shingles. The boys both had the chicken pox vaccine, and it must work. They never got it, just me (caught it from one of the Oldest One's preschool classmates).

Must go finish off my mitten so I can work on something else. I'm making a pair of red felted mittens. Also got a cute little dusty rose baby jacket on the needles for the store. It's my own design. I want to get these two things finished so I can start some new socks for me (tho I should be finishing some FOs!)

Hope you get better fast!