Wednesday, 7 March 2007


Worked on the sock yesterday and last night for a while, in between naps and nausea ... but am feeling pleased to see that progress has been made since the morning shot of yesterday! Last night before I went to bed at 9:30 p.m. (yes! I really must be sick - I have been in bed by 9:30 for the past week, and normally am a night owl!),i did the first 2 rows of turning the heel. Of course, the PINK stripe turned up in a very visible spot of the heel! Ahh well! 'Tis the law of the yarn!

I am back at work today - still feeling bad, but have lots to do re: March Break events that I run next week for the kids in the community, and can't let that all fall apart because I am not feeling good!


lexa said...

Yes, March break. I had originally planned on going to Quebec with hubby and the kids if he was just doing a Montreal run. Now I don't know what's up. The truck is still getting fixed, and now they need to do an bearing roll in the engine to make sure nothing is bent. They hoped to have it done on Friday, but probably not now.

I was looking at some of the stuff scheduled for March break. I may sign the Oldest One up for bowling. The last time I took knitting with me. It wasn't the easiest in the dark!

If you feel like yarn shopping Saturday I'll be there. Luckily our student is home this weekend, so I won't go in til 10, and if it isn't busy I'll get to leave at 3. Lately Saturdays have been really busy. That's good cuz they usually dragggggggggggg.

Shelley said...

Our March Break is this week. Hope you're feeling better! Great job on the sock.

lexa said...

That pair of needles must be left from the old B&S. The Austermann has been selling some, and so have a few of the new big Sockas. I have a list of four or five more Austermanns I want in, plus some other yarns we need, just have to wait for boss lady to order it. I hope she does soon. I'll have to remind here that there are a couple of things in the book that people are waiting for -- maybe then she'll order. We do have some new patterns coming in, all baby ones but one, but very, very nice! Baby patterns are the best sellers.