Saturday, 10 March 2007

Lazy Saturday

I love Saturdays ... I am usually off, can sleep in if I want, or get up early, and do some things then have a nap, or have an adventure all day long! Today is turning out to be a get up early, fiddle around, then maybe a nap sort of day (grin!). Hubby is working today, and the kitten and dogs got me up early (bless Louie's heart, she loves to sleep in as much as I do, and I think she's still in bed!).

I have been knitting away on T.'s Step sock. Gusset is done ... now I am in the long straight stretch of the foot -- hoping to get alot of it done today and tonight, so I can get this sock done tomorrow (I started last Sunday after supper - so would be delighted to have it done in a week, then start the other one right away).

I just got off the phone with Have a Yarn (a YS in a neighboring town) ... they are taking registration for the Lucy Neatby classes on May 12th -- I posted about them in late February. I have signed up for one class -- "Phoenix from the Ashes", and am trying to decide if I want to do the "Equilateral Triangles" as well. I don't think I will , but have to see what some of the girls want to do too (I want to get signed up before the masses start calling in - registration is limited to 20, 8 on the list so far!)

Curly is growing like a bad weed; he now weighs over 2 lbs. Pretty social kitten - loves to be around people. And is my blogging buddy - likes to snooze on top of the printer, and watch me type until he goes to sleep. I am so glad we got him! (friends think we are a bit daft - 2 dogs and 2 cats, plus all the fish ... but we love them, and the furry ones are good company!)


lexa said...

I called and signed up for that class as well today. Wanted to make sure I didn't miss out!

The kitten sure is growing! Love that curly fur!

lexa said...

I forgot to ask yesterday, too -- where'd you get the shoes you had on? I was looking at a kinda Mary Jane-styled ones on ebay awhile back. I used to have a shoe fetish, now all I have is a pair of brown shoes and my LL Bean waterproof hikers. I'd like something that shows socks, at least somewhat.

Shelley said...

The kitty is so adorable! The sock is looking that colourway!