Monday, 12 March 2007

Why do men have such big ole feet?

I finally finished one of T's socks ... man alive, men have long feet! (you know what they say about "big feet" -- Big .... socks! Cowboy Curtis said that to Pee Wee once - he said Big .... Boots but same diff! on Pee Wee's playhouse, and I never forgot it ... makes me giggle a little!) I thought I'd never get done. This is the sock last night before supper and I finished shortly after. One week -- start to end, went much quicker than I thought though. I started the second sock and hope to have it done next weekend -- once there are 2 of them done, I'll get a picture of the pair of them, modelled by you know who.

He loves it! said it was so soft, like "wearing a hug" , and it fits him perfectly! ... sounds corny, but he's so sweet. I am just glad that he likes them so far. They will be work socks - he works outdoors quite a bit and needs socks to keep his feet warm in steel toed boots -- and these seem to fit the bill!

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lexa said...

It is looking good! I did manage a short row heel today after only two tries, but I didn't like the look. One side was a bit wonky compared to the other, and I had two holes on either side where I started knitting in the round again. I could have fixed it up with a needle and some of the yarn, but I think I do prefer a regular old heel flap. I ripped it out and went with what I knew. At least now I know I can do that kind of heel on some of the toe-up patterns I have that call for it. I think that'll be the only time I use it.