Friday, 23 March 2007

I have mail!

I checked the mail again today ... hopeful that my newest wools would be here (the anticipation has been killing me!) - I checked my PO Box, and the magical claim card was there! Curly was excited too! (that's his excited face, can't you tell/ LOL!)

I opened the box ... and the order that Lexa and I had placed with Blue Moon Fiber Arts had arrived! The Socks that Rock colours are so much more vivid than on the website , and so soft! I love them! (I am only gonna show you mine -- You can check out Lexa's site to see if she posts pictures of her beautiful wool). I am envious -- almost told her that they forgot to send hers! Heh heh heh!
My colours are Cracked Canyon and Fire on the Mountain. Both are even better than I had imagined.

And I went to Have a Yarn today ... again ... and -- ummmm , yeah, it's like this .... well ... OK - I have a problem! It is called "Fleece Artist Saleitis", and the only cure seems to be the complete depletion of every skein of sale yarn! Got these 4 today (enough for 2 pair of socks). I had to take pictures inside this evening, so the flash is making the browns look purple ... but the true colours are camel, slate blue, caramel and dark brown (130 grams, only $10.40!), and the ones on the right are green and green, forest green, olive green and dark brown (140 grams, $11.20!). There is very little sock yarn left! (I dunno why ... some people can't control themselves, I guess ... poor things.)
It's hard to believe that not that long ago, I wrote to Alyson at Yoyo Knits, saying I had never knit or ordered hand painted yarns! Now -- I have lots! (I like looking at them so much - I don't know if I can bring myself to knit them!) She did mention it is a slippery slope ... I need to buy cleats !


lexa said...

More hand-painted yarn! We told you it's a downward slope...

Have you started knitting any of it yet? Wait til you start, then wait til you have a finished pair of socks on your feet! It's kinda hard to use regular old sock yarns again.

lexa said...

I walked past your house today and yesterday on my way around the Trail. Yesterday you had a forlorn little doggie in the upstairs window. Today one of the cats was there instead! (Tho the cat looked just comfy and content.)

Got very good news for the accountants today. I see a yarn order in the near future!

Heddy said...

they take turns in the Window -- it is a spare room upstairs and I never used to open it or the window blind (until we got Curly and it became his room) -- now there is alays a forlorn little Valley Bulldog watching the peeps go by, and sometimes a snoozing kitten - just chillin'!